Oct 30, 2013

Review: Wave Bar

So y'all know how I'm obsessed with bars, right? I've only reviewed roughly a million varieties.

And I've just had my mind blown again by a completely revolutionary bar - a hidden veggie bar with half a serving of fruit AND half a full serving of vegetables in every bar that still has a taste and texture that would make my 8 year old sister ask to have it in her lunchbox.

Wave Bar is pretty new and still only has two flavors, Baked Apple and Mixed Berry, but quality over quantity definitely holds true here. They may not have a laundry list of varieties (yet, I hope) but the two that they have are delicious and so nutritious that they're easily a great addition as a daily snack.

Around 75% of American children don't get their daily vegetable requirement, but these snacks make it easy to remedy that - the very first ingredient is Natural G Foods' special blend of vegetables and fruits!

After all, it's a food company that's made by health-conscious parents for health-conscious parents, so they know exactly what you need to make it work.

They know what parents want in a bar and they know what kids don't. They know that detectable veggies in a bar will have kids running and screaming from the table, but that a soft, sweet, normal-looking bar will keep both parties satisfied and prevent a snack-time war.

Um, kale in a kid's snack bar? But I swear you can't taste it (or, equally important for kids!) see it at all.

They look just like your standard Nutrigrain-style soft baked fruit and grain bar and taste the same - sweet, chewy, soft, and vaguely pastry-like. AKA, very kid friendly.

And just me-friendly, in general. I travel a lot and especially this fall, what with trying to get a job and be a gainfully employed adult next year (definitely a more attractive option than taking my expensive Harvard diploma and heading into Boston to be a hobo) I'm traveling a lot for interviews and whatnot. Last week, I spent more than half of the week outside of my state and was in five different states in three days.

Um, EXHAUSTING. But I beasted it.

Emperor Kuzco style.

Still, a hectic schedule like that is not exactly healthy-eating-friendly. When I'm out and about, carbs take over (even more than usual, haha) and produce doesn't really make it into the picture. I don't want to risk food poisoning and I don't want to schlep a mini-fridge around with me (aka: that's not possible) so bars, sandwiches, cereal bags, and fast food make up the bulk of my diet. This has the comforting carb-y taste and convenience, but also some veggies in there to make sure that I don't become all sorts of vitamin deficient while I'm out and about trying to make a future happen!

And once life settles down a bit more (or, if life ever settles down a bit) I love babysitting and these are the kind of snack that I can pack in my bag and enjoy with the kiddos at the park or when we're slaying dragons down by the river.

Um, no I'm not five. I swear I'm a grown-up, I have a government-issued ID and everything.

Anyway, make sure to check out Wave bars here, where you can learn more and even order some online!

Don't these sound amazing?

Do you have/want kids?

Where are you in your career journey?


  1. I'm happy to hear that you've been busy! It makes life so much fun, in my opinion. Just don't let yourself get too overwhelmed. (:
    These bars sound so interesting! I'm definitely going to keep my eye out for them.


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