Oct 27, 2013

So You Want to Get a Job: Dressing the part

In this installment of So You Want to Get a Job, I'm suggesting a pretty standard job interview outfit that will keep the attention where it belongs (on your brilliant resume) and off of less relevant topics (the birthmark on your thigh).

interview Outfit

Dolce Gabbana shirt top
€580 - farfetch.com

L K Bennett pleated skirt
€70 - lkbennett.com

Patent leather pumps
€25 - maurices.com

Lauren Ralph Lauren leather satchel purse
€225 - piperlime.gap.com

Cluster earrings
€22 - swellcaroline.com

If I can say only thing, it's this: JOB INTERVIEW TIME IS NOT THE TIME TO SHOW WHAT YOUR MAMA GAVE YOU. That (a) won't get you a job, (b) may keep you from getting a job you otherwise would have, and (c) will get you a bad reputation.

DON'T DO IT. Save your dignity and keep those skirts knee-length and longer, even if that's not at all what you normally wear. I have nothing against your legs, but they probably shouldn't be on display when you're trying to be taken seriously as a young professional.

Also, don't go for your crazy high heels, enormous costume jewelry, or bright eyeshadow. Remember that you're outfit should be more or less neutral and you should be the one standing out!

What do you normally wear to interviews?

Do you have a go-to interview outfit?

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