Oct 1, 2013

The Right Way to Start the Month - Cheers to a Chocolatey October!

Today's post is delicious.

Happy October, everyone!

Wow, how is it already October? It feels like it was January yesterday.

But October means Halloween and Halloween means its almost Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving means Black Friday and Black Friday means that CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS CAN START THE NEXT DAY, YAAAAAAAAAY!

So, to summarize, I'm quite pleased that it's already October.

There are a lot of superstitions that how you start a month/week/day/year determines how the rest of the month/week/day/year goes. I'm not sure how much I believe that (I would like to put forward my safer guess that how you start a second likely determines how the rest of that second goes). But it never hurts to start on a good foot, does it?

Alter Eco is starting October right for all of us with two Brave New Boules - organic chocolate truffles that are all fair trade and made with coconut oil! The truffles are available exclusively at their online shop and in Whole Foods stores.

Good for you. Good for others. Good for the world. GOOD TASTING. Sounds like a win-win-win-win to me!

Very good tasting.

And they don't pretend any normal person is going to eat only one truffle. Kudos for reason.

There's the Black Boule for dark chocolate lover (about 58% cocoa) and the Velvet Boule for milk chocolate lover (39% cocoa).

Both are absolutely delicious, with a creamy chocolate shell enclosing an even creamier (think Nutella but chocolaty-er and not hazelnut/nougat) center. Sighs for days, Peruvian and Ecuadorian fair trade chocolate sure know how to be amazing.

Do you pay attention to Fair-Trade?

Is Fair-Trade or Organic more important to you? These are both!

What's your favorite way to find deals?

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