Nov 3, 2013

A Green Re-Set!

Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday noms season for a lot of us. It's a period of lots of fun, deliciousness, and indulgence with family and friends - such a great time of year!

But hitting that Halloween candy and those spooky sweets a little too hard, followed by all sorts of harvest treats for All Saint's Day, can leave our stomachs a little queasy. Continue that through November with all sorts of special seasonal treats, then through a rich Thanksgiving (as it ought to be) and a delicious month of Christmas treats in December - well, it's no surprise that antacid pills have pretty good business during the holiday season!

To either counter or preempt the discomfort that comes from all of that indulgence, without sacrificing your ability to enjoy as much pecan pie a la mode as you like with your family, some people like to try to eat lighter on some of the days around their major feasts. Since being healthy is what allows us to feel good, it's a better idea to turn to really nutritious nutrition on those days, rather than just cutting down on food in general. You'll feel even better if you're fueling your body with the veggies that you might be missing on those feast days!

Check out my fridge.
That's why juicing, like with Skinny Limits, is really hot at this time of the year. Juicing (if it's done right) is not about weight loss, it's about health. Whether you want to do a day of juices before a huge feast, after a huge feast, or in between very indulgent days, it can be a great way to get in loads of vitamins that you might otherwise miss and (hopefully) boost your energy levels to let you enjoy more of the holiday revelry! Yay!

Pardon the mess. - but check out that top shelf!
I found Skinny Limits, in particular, to be a great juicing resource because they really allow customization so that everyone can get what they want. Their juices are super healthy - fresh, raw, gluten free, unpasteurized, unprocessed, and alive - and you can choose between a variety of juice cleanse packages (6 juices a day) and vary the length of your cleanse from anywhere between 1 and 10 days, or just order juices to add to your meals or have as snacks.

Balance Juice
That's also a great option, and likely the best option for the more active among us, as well as people who are on the leaner side and don't have as many reserves - just adding in a green juice or two a day adds a lot of nutrition and can do wonders for you energy, your complexion, and your overall sense of well-being during the otherwise potentially veggie-lacking holidays.

Their juices are delivered fresh, not frozen, so you need to start drinking them immediately - but given their flexibility in ordering options and the more nutritious juice that you're getting, it's worth it.

They also have a nice variety of actually really tasty juices made of natural ingredients. They offer substitution options and customization options like a lower sugar green juice without the apple juice in it. They're really great about tailoring their juices and their cleanses to each individual's need!

After all, what could be more individual than what you put into your body? Everyone has different dietary needs and preferences, but a lot of juicing programs or strict ways of eating, like Paleo eating, seem to forget that. I liked that Skinny Limits doesn't!

I really liked the Pure & Simple juice a lot - it's made of apple, cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, lemon, and parsley in that order. Like all the juices (except the Scorpion Lemonade and Crescent Moon, the first of which is 25% juice and the latter is a cashew milk/coconut oil sweet drink for pre-bed) it's 100% juice. It wasn't too sweet and the apple and cucumber were the most dominate flavors, making it really refreshing. The other veggies weren't completely dominated, however, and you could taste (and enjoy) everything!

Pure&Simple Juice Close-Up
The Balance juice was also really tasty. It was similar to the Pure & Simple taste, but with more of a kick from the addition of the ginger.


The Scorpion Lemonade was a really pleasant surprise! It was just the right amount of sweet from the agave nectar, but still tart from the lemon (with a little lemon pulp - yay!) and with a little kick from the cayenne pepper. I was nervous that it would be too spicy for me, because I'm a wimp, but it wasn't! It was sweet and delicious and really the perfect summer afternoon drink. I could definitely imagine ordering just these (which you can do) to cool off in the peak of a hot NYC summer!

OH MY GOSH. I love the Scorpion Lemonade. I would drink it every day, no joke.

The Crescent Moon is the last drink of the day, for pre-bed time, and (for that reason) all of my photos of it turned out really dark. So here's one from the web!

Skinny Limits Crescent Moon
It's a creamy, delicious cashew nut milk with coconut oil and agave nectar. It's delicious, packs the protein you need after a long day, and is perfect for lulling you to sleep and holding you sated over the night!

All in all, I really enjoyed their juices (did I mention that I'm obsessed with the Scorpion Lemonade? I am).

Though (or perhaps because) I did eat also, because I just ended up being too busy with school and social/work commitments to not, I felt really refreshed at the end of the three days and it had settled my tummy troubles from my few weeks of nonstop fast food while traveling for job interviews and stuff! YAY.

Do you like ginger?

What are your favorite holiday treats?

Do you drink juice often?

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