Nov 17, 2013


Snack bars are a great option to stay fueled on the go, whether you're busy with work, school, travel, holiday prep, or any combination of those! I love protein bars, but sometimes it's nice to mix things up with regular granola bars, too.

I've reviewed some of Detour's delicious protein bars before, but they have a whole new type of bar out this fall! The new Detour SMART bar is their first venture into the natural foods market, so it's pretty exciting!

What exactly is the SMART bar? It's a gluten-free oatmeal bar that is currently available in two flavors, blueberry and apple cinnamon.

When I first heard of the bars, I was thinking they would be like granola bars or baked fruit-filled bars.

I was surprised to find that they really weren't!

Both bars were delicious, not at all artificial or malt-y tasting, but they were a sticky consistency, more like a nut butter-based bar than your usual granola bar. They have a sweet, tasty greek yogurt drizzle on top.

Detour keeps the sugar really low for a granola bar (just 4g!) with stevia. The bars are also pretty small, so they're good if you're just looking for a little something or as a snack bar for kids.

They're small but tasty! Both flavors were great, but the blueberry was my favorite.

 It even had little bits of dried blueberry in it, which was fun!

Have you tried the new SMART bars?

What's keeping you busy this week?

Have you started your holiday prep yet?


  1. The smart bars look interesting - do you know if they have nut butters in them ? I'm allergic to nut butters. Anyways prepping for the finals have definitely kept me busy of late and I can't wait for the semester to be over!!

    1. They aren't nut butter bars, but you can check out the full ingredients list here to make sure there's nothing you're allergic to!


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