Nov 11, 2013

Black Friday Hot List

Thanksgiving, and the subsequent Black Friday, are still a little over 2.5 weeks away - but some Black Friday ads have already been either released or leaked!

Seriously, it sounds like we're talking about government secrets here - leaking ads. As if the stores don't want that publicity, anyway!

I generally don't go shopping on Black Friday, I haven't been in probably the last five years, if not more, but Black Friday can be a great time to go shopping.

If you love shopping, it can be really fun. If you don't love shopping, more and more stores are starting to put deals online, so that crowd-wary shoppers can still get some big savings. 

I think sifting through ads is incredibly fun, so I've gone ahead and picked out a few must-buy items for the 2013 Black Friday shopping season. 

Some of these are bound to be on a lot of peoples' hot lists, so you'll probably have to either wake up early or be one of those crazy people who camps out in front of Walmart after everyone else goes to sleep on Thursday night and risks a concussion to barrel through the front doors right as they open. 

But you know, sacrifices. Priorities. Shopping.

I'm kind of bummed that it appears as though Macy's will be offering a 'shop all night option' and opening doors at 8pm on Thanksgiving. That's definitely going to be cutting into some peoples' Thanksgiving celebrations and that's just wrong. Leave Thanksgiving alone and shop on Friday, folks.

But if you have to support Macy's (I know I won't be, if they really do end up opening their doors on Thanksgiving night), here are some deals that the leaked ads say they'll be offering.

A Keurig for $99.99, usually $174.99. To get this deal, you'll have to get there before 1pm on Friday, when the price jumps to $119.99. 

A Bella rotator waffle iron for $9.99 after a $10 rebate, also a doorbuster deal. After 1pm on Friday it jumps back up to $29.99, which is still a sales price (but a lower one). 

This next one is just for the food bloggers out there - always wanted a real Magic Bullet (not a knock-off, like I have)? You can get one for $39.99 with 4 mugs before 1pm or $49.99 after 1pm (compare to the usual $79.99). Not bad!

And because good deals alone can't keep you going without some sustenance for the body, as well, Macy's is offering 20% off all Godiva chocolates as a doorbuster deal. It's never too early for chocolate!

Haha, I am my mother's daughter.

Another ad that leaked pretty earlier, by late October I believe, is the Neiman Marcus ad. But let's be real - those aren't actually deals, just cute clothes.

Because $1195 for a jersey dress that looks like Michael Kors pulled it out of Snooki's Las Vegas party bag? 

Moving on.

Origins isn't blowing anyone's mind with its discounts this year, either, but hey - it's fancy face stuff. So. 

My aunt swears by Origins and she has great skin. I'm not sure if it's genetic and by God, I'd be praying that it was if we were blood-related (but, alas, she married my dad's brother and we don't actually share DNA), but she's one of those women whose age is pretty indeterminable because of her great skin. 

I don't know if that's actually at all due to her religious use of Origins, but on the off-chance that it is, Origins does have some fairly decent package details. Their Morning to Midnight set, for example, is on sale for $52 (down from its $97 value), which isn't actually a terrible price for a day cream, a night cream, an eye cream, and an intensive hydration mask. 
ORIGINS Morning To Midnight set

I'm sure more great deals will be posting soon as other stores start actually releasing their ads. The Target, Walmart, and Sam's Club ads are probably among some of the most talked-up ones, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they put out there. Who knows? Maybe they'll manage to coax me away from my warm, cuddly bed and all-consuming textbooks.

Probably not (I love you, Harvard).

What are your Black Friday traditions?

Who do you generally shop with on the holiday?

What store is at the top of your list this year?


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