Nov 25, 2013

Fuel Up Without Denial - Life Force Juice's Fresh Take

Juices has been becoming ever more popular recently, experiencing a real renaissance since the first real juicing crave in the US in the 1970s. Unlike back then, juices today can be convenient (delivered) and actually tasty (aka, don't taste like mowed grass).

Ooh, look - a big cooler and a warm insulated bag!
Life Force Juice is breaking a new frontier in juicing by trying to make fresh and healthy juices accessible to all sorts of people in all sorts of lifestyles. They believe that juice isn't just for prissy people with light schedules who can afford to sit around all day, starving and faint. Life Force Juice says juice can, and should, be fore athletes, busy college students, professionals, and pretty much anyone!

Their juices aren't a cleanse, they're a system of juices that you drink with and between meals to improve nutritional intake and nourish your whole body through and through. They don't have rules, they don't tell you what to eat and what not to eat, they don't have an order in which you have to drink your juices - for fans of the intuitive eating movement, this is definitely the juice provider for you.

Beet Poet - Beet, Apple, Cucumber. 100% Organic.
I felt great during all my days of enjoying their juices, teas, and smoothies (another way in which they are more well-rounded - you get some fiber in your banana-licious smoothies!) and, because I could eat normally, wasn't at all hungry or tired. I had more energy than usual and found myself being really productive. That's great any time of year, but especially around final exams period and the holidays!

Vibrant Green - Swiss Chard, Cucumber, Celery, Apple. 100% Organic.
With Life Force Juice it's easier than ever to stay healthy during the holidays without stressing, being that annoying picky eater, or giving up your favorite holiday treats. You'll feel better because your body is getting the nutrients it needs without having to obsess about where you'll squeeze in some fruits and veggies.

The Classic - Carrot, Apple, Ginger. 100% Organic.
The juices are all sweet, but naturally so from apple and orange juices, and the smoothies are thick and creamy.

Carrot Cake Smoothie - Homemade Vanilla Almond Milk, Carrot Juice, Carrot, Banana, Ginger, Spices.
The Carrot Cake smoothie tasted absolutely dessert-like, like a holiday milkshake, but is packed with carrots and carrot juices (creamy from the banana and vanilla almond milk). My mom loves carrot cake and I couldn't help but think of her as I enjoyed this smoothie (I really want to call it a shake, because that's what it tastes like).

Greenya Colada Smoothie - Pineapple, Banana, Dark Greens (Seasonal, often Swiss Chard or Kale), and Coconut. 100% Organic.
The Lala Berry and Greenya Colada smoothies are also delicious, creamy, and  make very satisfying snacks!

Lala Berry Smoothie - Banana, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Homemade Almond Milk. 100% Organic. 
The Life Force Infusion Package also includes teas that are steeped overnight to get the full benefits of the herbs.

The teas were very unique in flavor, from the Profound Health Tea to the Deep Mineral Tea to the Lucid Dream Tea. That last one knocked me right out and I slept so much more soundly than I had in ages, even on just a mattress on the floor!

Student problems.

Anyway, the flavors are very intense, likely due to the intensive steeping process, and can be a bit much to start. I sweetened them with some honey and then they were really great!

My only complaint is that the jars, while absolutely adorable and so hipster-chic/eco-stylish, would have been better if labeled. Some of the teas weren't, so it was a guessing game to figure out what I was drinking. But it was all great stuff, so I suppose it doesn't really matter what I was drinking when (with the exception of the Lucid Dream Tea)!

Some were labeled, so I used the process of elimination!
Life Force packages have healthy sugars, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals to heal your body from the inside out, if you've been neglecting your health or just feeling under the weather, and they're delicious to boot. Not bad at all!

Wise Apple - Apple, Sage, Ginger

At the moment, Life Force Juice products are exclusive to the Boston metro area, but you can check here to see if they're available near you and to order some online!

Do you drink juice?

What juice do you drink most often?

Do you sleep soundly? I generally do sleep pretty soundly, except on planes and car trips, because I'm a sleep-deprived student. What can I say? See above: student problems.


  1. I wish I lived somewhere that had an accessible juice delivery system! When I was in NYC, I just walked down the street to get fresh juice every morning, and it was perfection! I may need to add a juicer to my Christmas list...

    1. Keep an eye out for them to expand! Lots of companies over US-wide juice delivery and they'll probably be doing that in a bit, too.


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