Nov 30, 2013

Getting Revved On Juice!

Want to try some juices that are actually just pure vegetables? Curious, or you really have no sweet tooth?

On Juice has juices that are the truest to the idea of a pure vegetable green juice that I have seen in all of my juice sampling.

They have a variety of juices that you can order individually or as part of their juice cleanses (as well as several cleanse packages that are designed to allow you to combine solid food and their juices - perfect for busy people, pregnant women, etc.) and there's something for everyone.

If you're into milder, sweeter juices, you'll enjoy juices like their Sublime (a mild green juice lightly sweetened with apples) or their Lemon Aid.

The Lemon Aid is pretty amazing, it's a sweet and spicy lemonade where the kick of the cayenne pepper and natural sourness of the lemon combine delightfully with the sweetness of the agave nectar to  create an energizing, refreshing mid-afternoon pick-me-up. This one is great to add as a daily drink, even outside of a cleansing routine!

The Unbeetable is a beet, carrot, and celery juice that, unlike other root juices, isn't mixed with fruit juice. It's more intense because of that, but quickly becomes an acquired taste with the interesting flavors of the ginger and lime!

The Upskale, on the other hand, takes quite a bit of adjusting. I am not at all a routine sweet juice drinker and prefer vegetable juices to fruit juices, as I find that fruit juice can become kind of cloyingly sweet when you're drinking a lot of it. But this one, along with the Deep Green, were even a bit much for me!

I ended up sweetening both of those with agave nectar myself and then found that they were quite taste. I think the addition of the chlorella to the Deep Green is what made it have such an unusual, and intensely green, flavor - but it's a drink where you feel yourself getting healthier as you drink it!

Placebo effect? Perhaps a bit, but there's no doubt that you're flooding your body with nutrients and that's never a bad thing. Ordering some juices to keep in the fridge and drink here and there is a great option.

Unlike a lot of other natural juice companies, these juices don't expire after just three days and it's thus not necessary to drink them back-to-back, as in a cleanse. There's no pressure to finish your juices fast with this, so you can drink them as you please!

I love that self-determination. After all, I like having things my way.

It's recommended that you drink the juices within 6 days for optimal nutrient content, but they stay good for three weeks. That's great news to me, because it means you can order an assortment of your favorite juices and keep them in the fridge so that you can have a juice here and there, whenever you notice that you're feeling a little bleh or haven't had much produce in your diet lately.

Each juice is about 200-300 calories of powerful nutrition (the label is only for half a bottle, but you're intended to drink the whole thing at once).

It's perfect for this time of year for that very reason!

How often do you drink juice?

What's your favorite kind of juice?

What drinks are in your fridge right now?

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