Nov 1, 2013

Happy November and a Review!

Happy November, everyone!

I swear - I said this back on October 1 but I have to say it again: I can't believe how fast this year is flying by! It's already November, whaaaaaaaaat? But I always get really excited on November 1, because that means we're heading into late fall, which means Thanksgiving is coming up, which means Black Friday is coming up, which means I can start celebrating Christmas!

My general policy, to try to keep my crazy levels of holiday spirit somewhat in control (I should come with a warning label, no joke) is that I try to hold my celebrating off until Black Friday and then only let myself crank it up to 100% Christmas Craziness on December 1.

Pixie Dust? Snow? It's all equally magical to me.
Anyway, it's November now. YAY!

To kick off a month full of delightful indulgent treats (I'm most definitely most excited about the pecan pie a la mode and candied, roasted winter squash - oh haaaiiiiiii sweet tooth), I have a light review for you today!

ThinSlim Foods makes a variety of light treats that taste surprisingly good and are surprisingly decently portioned for treats as light as they are. If you've had an indulgent day/week/month and want something sweet, but not as heavy as a proper brownie or big pie, these are great for a little something sweet! I tried some bars and muffins, which have a pretty similar consistency.

I like that they're not too artificial - unlike a lot of preservative-packed snack cakes, these need to be consumed either immediately upon delivery or frozen. Maybe not super convenient, but definitely worth the (tiny) inconvenience when you consider how much better for you that is!

I was expecting a really light, cakey consistency when I saw that these are decently sized, but they were actually really moist and flavorful!

They aren't particularly dense, by any means, but they're definitely not as light-tasting as I'd expected.

And they're moist! What??? I was pleased.

The brownie was delicious, of course, and you don't even need to ask about the peanut butter bar (yum) but I was curious about the banana bar. Banana-flavored treats can often taste really artificial and just generally icky. This one didn't!

It was fruity, but not overwhelmingly so, and overall just a night light little piece of cake. Perfect to finish off the night with or have after a big lunch for a little something sweet!

There is one con to these treats and that's that they're pretty pricey - $2.75 for one small bar! I can bake half a batch of brownies for about the same amount - or buy an enormous bakery brownie for just a bit more.

I'm obviously still going to eat the 'real thing' most of the time (I love baking and you have to eat what you make - I also love travel and there are always great cafes and better treats to try!) but these are really great to mix it up!

Have you tried these?

What are your Thanksgiving break plans?

Are you going to go shopping on Black Friday this year? I generally don't - I guess I was never big enough of a shopaholic. Unfortunately for my finances, however, I've become more and more a fan of shopping over the years. Uh-oh...


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