Nov 6, 2013

Macro-Mediterranean - A Convenient WIAW!

I haven't done a WIAW in ages, so why not?

Peas and Crayons

Even if I'm not planning to do it right. What's new?

I posted about some healthy juices the other day, for those looking for a way to stay healthy between the holidays (never sacrifice indulgence with your friends and family - that's where the balance part of life comes in, it's not healthy to be too obsessed with health)! Most of us, however, probably do better with healthy food than just healthy juice.

If you're busier than ever (aren't we all at this time of year?) Macro-Mediterranean provides healthy, 'home-cooked' vegan meals delivered on a once-weekly basis right to your door, to keep all of your nutrient needs met! You're on your own for breakfasts and snacks (though you can select to add those if you're really unsure if you can make it to the grocery store) but they deliver delicious lunches and dinners - like a Greek Lasagna with whole grain pasta and tofu and a Seitan Korma!

Seitan Korma
They're delivered in a cooler with an ice pack, because these folks understand that normal people with normal jobs and obligations can't hang out all day waiting for a food delivery. Um, hello? That totally defeats the point of a convenient meal delivery.

The meals are in individual portions (like actual fill-you-up portions, not teeny-tiny portions) in containers that you can just slip straight into your lunch bag or pop in the microwave without having to dirty extra dishes. THANK YOU for actually being convenient, Macro-Mediterranean.

Oh, and extra fun note - you can see all the ingredients for each meal online, in case you have any allergies or concerns, and their menu is rotating, so you won't get bored even if you need their services for a longer amount of time.

The meals cost $7 a serving, so more than if you cooked them yourself (unless you buy all your groceries at Whole Foods, like a crazy/rich person) but not worse than if you ate out - and less than the same quality meals if you ate out. $7 will buy you a (probably not too healthy and certainly not this delicious) fast food meal or a really great Macro-Mediterranean meal with fiber, healthy fats, nutrients, protein, and all those other things you need to keep your energy up and focus sharp. 

The first meal I tried was the Iaio's Stew, the one I was looking forward to the least, because I tend to be one of those people who likes to save the best for last.


This soup was awesome! First off, I am not a soup person. I don't want some watery, salty broth that's basically tea masquerading as a meal and pretending that it's going to make me full. Spoiler alert: no, you're not going to make me full, vegetable soup. My appetite isn't baby-sized like that.

But the Iaio Stew is a stew - thick, flavorful, with lots of barley (way more barley than liquid stuff) some nice big veggie pieces and plenty of chickpeas for protein. It's flavorful, not very salty, and tastes fresh. I could totally believe that I'd just spent an hour slaving over the stove to make it, if I hadn't been there to see myself pop it into the microwave just three minutes earlier.

UM, YES PLEASE. Needless to say, I was excited for the rest of the meals - and they didn't disappoint!

The Lentille Elodie was also a heart stew, not some watery soup, and was spiced excellently. It was flavorful with big chunks of tomatoes and carrots, as well as a nice kiss of anise that made the soup taste perfect for late fall. I had it for lunch on a rainy day with a chunk of artisan bread and it was perfect!

Don't worry - it's only that liquidy on top - there are a lot of lentils underneath, it's thick if you mix it all up!
The grain dishes, from the Indian-inspired Cashews over Curried Quinoa to the more mediterranean Paella Valencia with its saffron rice and creamy Garrofon beans, were probably my favorite - haha, who doesn't love carbs?

The Cottage Pot Pie was a real treat for me, because I actually really love pot pie-type dishes, but I don't make it for myself (not worth the hassle when you're cooking for one) and whenever it's offered in restaurants, it usually isn't vegetarian. This one, however, was! Sweet peas, carrots, and broccoli all combined in a creamy herb sauce and topped with a delicious layer of mashed potato. So hearty, so English winter, so satisfying - it's just perfect for a Wuthering Heights kind of day!

I definitely cuddled up with an Austen novel (I prefer her stuff to the more somber Bronte works) and this Cottage Pot Pie on a cold night and it was great.

Lastly, but definitely not last in my enjoyment, I was really positively surprised by the Greek Lasagna. I'm not a huge pasta person, but this was carb-y, rich, and full of interesting flavors. Sauteed onions, zucchini, mushrooms, tofu, and parsley are combined with nutty whole grain pasta (YAY) in a mint-almond tomato sauce.

Speaking of things I've never tasted (or even imagined) will definitely not be bored with your Macro-Mediterranean order! Just the pleasure of getting to try all of these delicious cuisines, without even considering how healthy and convenient the service is, would be enough to make it worth it!

Everything was so delicious, I would absolutely not hesitate to order from them again. SO GOOD.

Check them out online! This is probably my favorite meal delivery service yet, it's delicious.

Do you save the best for last?

What are your favorite holiday treats?

Which of these meals looks the best to you?


  1. YUM! All these foods look so good! I'm definitely someone who saves the best for last...I recall a time as a kid when my older sister ate something I had pushed off to the side of my plate. Apparently my family was under the assumption that I set things aside because I DIDN'T like them. I think I cried. haha ;) First time visiting, Happy WIAW!


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