Nov 21, 2013

Review: November Bestowed Box with A Discount!

I always enjoy Bestowed Box and they never fail to put together a great box full of a variety of healthy snacks, so I was excited to try their November box!

This box definitely didn't disappoint!

Don't you just love that excited feeling when you open up a package and you're not completely sure what you'll find inside.

That feeling only gets better when you open up the package to find all of this! Um, hello there chocolate

I'm always impressed by how much variety they manage to pack into that orange box (roughly the size of a 'medium' flat rate shipping box, for those of you who are familiar with USPS shipping). There's salty, there's sweet, there are beverages, complete health-nut foods (oh hey, chia seeds).

This time, they even had a frozen treat in there!

Well, soon-to-be frozen treat. Since the box ships at room temperature, the Life Ice clearly wasn't frozen yet. But it comes in a tray of 24 ice cubettes (1 tray is a serving) that freeze just as they are. There's no prep work, you just put the whole tray in the freezer. Perfect for a lazy cook busy student like me.

Minor rant - why is pre-Thanksgiving always a period for professors to give that last pre-finals hard-core push of papers, exams, etc.? Sleep, I miss you!

It's not like I've had time to exercise, summer? But for those who do, Skratch is a nutrient-packed sports drink mix that's natural, unlike many on the market, and mixes easily into water for a post-exercise pick-me-up.

I wonder if it works as well for a post-all-nighter, pre-class pick-me-up? Oh Harvard, I love you. But sleep? Can we maybe discuss adding that back to my life, please?

CHOCOLATE COCONUT WATER. I've never had coconut water before (as far as I can recall) but this is absolutely delicious out of the fridge. I had no idea what to expect (chocolate water? That doesn't sound too great) but trust me, it's a treat. I had it fresh out of the fridge on the way to class one morning this week and it was so deliciously dark chocolate, but still refreshing!

I definitely agree with the recommendation on the bottle to enjoy it cold.

Quest bars are just great at any temperature. They're seriously my favorite bar, Quest Nutrition can simply do no wrong - have you tried the peanut butter cups? OMG LOVE.

Do you think Santa knows how to make Quest peanut butter cups, white chocolate raspberry bars, and chocolate peanut butter bars?

Anyway, back to the rest of the box.

These crackers are really tasty! I'm definitely more of a sweet than a salty snack person, but these gluten-free multi-seed crackers were definitely very seedy (=yummy) and they were perfectly thin and crisp and crunchy. They're pretty salty, but not more than other crackers, and the size/shape is perfect for scooping up dips. Though they're honestly tasty all by themselves!

Have you heard of Nektar Honey? Or Eat Green Tea? The former is honey in crystallized form (the health benefits and, more importantly, flavor without the sticky mess for your tea!) and the latter is green tea where you can eat the actual leaves for added health benefits and to increase the amount of antioxidants absorbed. Pretty cool! I love green tea.

The Perfect Fuel Chocolate doesn't need much explanation and I've already reviewed it here. But chocolate. Seriously, what's not to love?

Now that you're appropriately excited/really wanting some Bestowed Box action in your lives, I have great news.


To make your holidays all the merrier, you can get your first box for only $10 with the discount code HELLOTEN105. Hurry to use the code, because it expires on November 30!

I'll give you a minute.

crazy dance

You're welcome.

That's pretty great deal, considering all the treats that you get to try - and especially when you consider the great healthy new snacks they introduce you to. I review quite a lot of snacks, so I probably know of more snacks that most people do. But even I have managed to be surprised by at least a few snacks in every box that I've tried. And all the tried-and-true snacks are also always delicious!

Have you tried Bestowed Box?

What are some gifts on your list for loved ones this year?

What are you asking for?


  1. I have never heard of this! But I spy my favorite Quest bars in the mix, so I'm going to go ahead and assume this is amazing!

    I'm definitely going to have to use the discount code - thanks!

    1. No problem! If you order soon, you can get this exact same box :)


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