Nov 23, 2013

Thanksgiving Table Settings!

Since I've heard this odd question several times over the past few days: guys, Thanksgiving is November 28. Less than a week away!

Okay, admittedly the people asking when Thanksgiving is were all international students. What can I say?

Welcome to 'murica, pull up a seat, and go for the drumstick (do Tofurkeys have drumsticks?).

American Pride Eagle - this is - murica

Anyway, those who are hosting Thanksgiving dinner are probably already planning for the big day. I know that I'm looking forward to the school break! Even if it's primarily to catch up on school work and sleep.

The food is, of course, a big part of of Thanksgiving dinner. But there are a lot of other things to prepare, as well!


Appalled Snow White or not, there are some other things to think about than just the food (though the food is important, too). Like table settings. They help turn a good dinner into a great feast by letting the eye eat with!

Here are a few that caught my eye!

Thanksgiving Table Setting
This traditional, hunt-themed table setting is perfect for those who like to hunt down the biggest turkey in the grocery store, roast it over a backyard fire pit, beat on their chests a bit, and maybe hunt down another beast after dinner with a mob of angry villagers.

Er...maybe redact that last bit. I guess I'm in a Disney mood today.

Anyway, to keep the hunt from verging over into pure Neanderthal, pretty candle holders and nice utensils and glassware keep the dinner classy. This look is as well suited for a large feast as a small gathering!

Orange and Brown Fall Table Setting

If you're more one for simplicity, don't "use antlers in all [your] decorating," or just want to have some space on the table for the actual food, a simple table setting can work just as well. A good wooden table is pretty much essential here, as it's a more natural look. A few pumpkins, squashes, or gourds are great touches, as are harvest-colored napkins and a foliage-based centerpiece. 

Make one yourself with some pretty long grasses and a bit of twine, if you're either artistically inclined or up for a fun holiday challenge. If you can, corral some kids into helping you. Once you let it slip that they were involved, everyone will confuse the kids' adorableness with the appearance of the centerpiece, making it look a thousand times better.

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Or you can go for the happy medium.  

The metallic accents even start hinting at Christmas - YAY. 

But I know there's only so long that one can talk about table settings, so I'll let you go and look for food. 

Happy Thanksgiving day! (35 pics + 1 gif)

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Which decorating style do you like best?

What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner?

Do you prefer hosting the dinner or attending someone else's dinner?


  1. Love your Style; love all the tablescapes; God Bless


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