Dec 7, 2013

A Sweet Solution & More Christmas!

Did you know that Reese's peanut butter cups are banned from some schools?


While most of us think fondly of the peanut butter-filled chocolate treats, they can be lethal to people with peanut allergies.

No nuts!
Sun Cups has the perfect solution so that you (or your kid!) can enjoy a sweet treat without breaking school rules or endangering a classmate!

Sun Cups are nut-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, and certified Kosher. They come in dark chocolate and milk chocolate, which come as the original sunflower butter-filled cups (closest to the peanut butter cup model), or as caramel-filled cups or dark mint chocolate cups.

Organic Lemon Juice in a Dark Chocolate Mint Cup? That's unexpected! I wonder what it does?
The mint filling is fresh and minty white chocolate - pretty perfectly suited for the Christmas season!

In addition to being totally allergy-friendly, they're delicious. The chocolate is creamy, the fillings are decadent, and the size isn't skimpy.

It's a great lunchbox treat for a kid at a peanut-free school, for a plane ride (I've heard of entire flights banning peanut products because of a single peanut-allergic passenger - understandably so, given the extreme sensitivity some have against the nuts), or just for everyday. With Christmas around the bend, they're also a great option as a stocking stuffer?

Don't want to wait until December 25, celebrate the German way.

HOLD THE PHONE. I  know what you're thinking - they get gifts early???

Well, yes - but on Christmas Eve. I, however, am talking about St. Nikolaus Tag, which already comes December 6 and leaves you with a clean pair of shiny boots (you have to provide the elbow grease and the boots) as well as a bunch of yummy candy!

German kids polish a pair of boots the night before December 6, put their boots outside their bedroom door, go to sleep, and wake up the next morning to boots full of sweet treats!
You can improvise with rainboots if you're from a warmer climate
Um, yes? Why would you not want to participate in this awesome tradition?

And all the better if you find some Sun Cups in your boots!

You can order Sun Cups online, get them at Whole Foods, or find them in a local store or market using their store finder tool!

Have you tried Sun Cups?

What are your 'different' holiday traditions?

Do you celebrate St. Nikolaus Tag?


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