Dec 13, 2013

Dating During Finals: College Edition

There are endless articles and blog posts about staying healthy during the holidays, but my favorite way is to de-stress with laughter!

So, for the sake of entertaining, I've decided to sum up what I, from my observations around campus, understand the experience non-students attempting to date students during finals.

Boy meets girl. Boy attempts to break the ice.

Or vice-versa, if you prefer. Since it's the holidays, what better way to break the ice than an absurdly corny pickup line? 'I must be a snowflake, because I've fallen for you' is a nice change from the usual introduction.

Boy gets girl's phone number. Boy makes use of said phone number with witty textversation later.

I mean, true love can be found in very strange places:

Boy tries again. This time, girl remembers boy.

Set some ground rules — you can't just be dating anyone:

Clearly girls have very high standards for who to hang out with these days.

Boy tries to set up a date. Girl is busy.

Once things get going, make sure you establish some barriers:

Boy settles for more realistic expectations.

She Seems to Have a Problem Getting Started, Though
But I've been so unfair to the poor boys in this post! Sometimes it goes the other way around:

Don't get too attached at first:
Dating fails don't discriminate based on gender.

Do you know any good Christmas pick-up lines?

What's your favorite pick-up line?

When are your final exams over?


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! OMG I love this - the PS4 as the girlfriend thing is hilarious!!


    1. My favorite is 'I want to see you.' 'Go on my Instagram.' Too real :P

  2. This was too funny! The last one kills me. Facebook never fails to deliver a great laugh.


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