Dec 2, 2013

Endulge Your Sweet Tooth!


Nope, it's endulge in the title for a reason.

Atkins Endulge treats are low-carb, low-sugar candy bars that provide diabetics, dieters, or just someone who's trying to watch their sugar intake with a way to indulge their sweet tooth! The ingredients list is pretty long and there are some artificial ingredients, however, so it varies from person to person how they feel about using those things versus natural sugar.

There are a whole assortment of sweet treats, with several parallels to popular candy bars. I tried four of their treats - chocolate candies (reminiscent of M&Ms), chocolate peanut candies (reminiscent of peanut M&Ms), chocolate coconut bar (think Mounds), and nutty fudge brownie.

The chocolate coconut bar was sweet and coconutty and Mounds fans would be sure to love it. There wasn't any sort of weird artificial taste, like with some artificially sweetened desserts (definitely not a Jello situation). It's perfectly chewy and the only thing that I would want is a thicker chocolate coating because I prefer a higher chocolate : coconut ratio.

It's pretty much spot-on with the Mound bars in terms of chocolate : coconut ratio, though, so that's probably just me and my chocoholic preferences.

The Chocolate Candies are pretty spot-on for M&Ms, which aren't my favorite candy in general, but are tasty. There's no weird artificial sweetener aftertaste and the chocolate is smooth and creamy. Yum!

Chocolate Peanut Candies
The Chocolate Peanut Candies are great if you're a fan of peanut M&Ms. They're not quite the same, but they do have a good strong peanut flavor and the nice crunch of the peanuts. The chocolate coating itself isn't that amazing, it's more dominated by the candy coating flavor (think: Smarties) but still good!

The Chocolate Brownie wasn't really like a brownie in my opinion. When I think brownie, I think fudgy, rich, stick-to-your-teeth ooey gooeyness. But brownies also don't have these nutritional stats:

That's why these are great to alternate with the real thing. They're still chocolatey and delicious, if not as decadent!

Some of their other treats look pretty great, too - especially the caramel nut chew bar, peanut butter cups, and chocolate caramel mousse bar!

Have you tried any Endulge products?

Do you have any diabetics in your family?

What are your favorite candy bars?


  1. I've never tried them, but now I am totally wanting to thanks to your great pictures!


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