Dec 15, 2013

NutiLight Review

Nutella is AMAZING. It's been big in Germany for as long as I can remember (probably all of my life, maybe more) and has really picked up in the US in recent years - I remember how excited my sister and I were when we saw it in Target for the first time!

I think we literally jumped up and down for a bit, shrieking, before dumping it into our shopping cart by the armload.

Nutella does have a significant amount of sugar, however, which is fine for most people but can be problematic for diabetics or those on significantly carbohydrate-restricted diets (commonly recommended by doctors to control some forms on epilepsy).

But guess what? THERE'S A SOLUTION.

Hold on to your seats, people - I discovered NutiLight, a natural, sugar-free and gluten-free alternative to popular chocolate hazelnut spreads out there, on Netrition the other day.

And it gets better - not only is this version sugar-free with only 2 net carbs per serving (perfect for diabetics, like my uncle!) but it also comes in two amazing flavors!

Yup, not just chocolate hazelnut, but also chocolate almond!

And they're both so divine that I eat this straight out of the jar with a spoon. SO GOOD.

They're also packed with fiber, thanks to the addition of chicory fiber (the fiber you find in fiber one granola bars).

The spreads are a bit thicker than Nutella and a little harder to spread, but they're still definitely spreadable and, if consistency is an issue for you, the consistency is just about the same if you microwave the spread for 15 to 30 seconds (depending on the amount that you're warming).

I bet these would taste great in some of those Nutella-based recipes I keep seeing pop up on Pinterest...can anyone guess what this afternoon's activity is going to be?

To NutiLight baking, that is.
Time to get my NutiLight on.

Have you heard of NutiLight?

What's your favorite bread spread?

What's your favorite way to get fiber in?

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