Jan 30, 2014

10 Reasons Why You Have To See 'The Lion King' On Broadway NOW

The title of this post is less subtle than a female baboon in heat.

So let's get to the point, yes?

*Note - None of these photos are mine, as all digital devices (still cameras included) are prohibited in the Minskoff Theater.*

1) The hats.

Can I have all of them?

I'll be the one in lecture blocking your view with my lioness head. But you won't even mind, because it's that fierce - you'll feel blessed to bask in the glory of its presence. 

2) The acrobatic dancers.

How are you doing all of this bounding and leaping so rhythmically and synchronously without wires? And I can't even walk at night without getting intimately acquainted with the wall.

3) The colors.

Anything vaguely African is going to feature a lot of stunning oranges and golds and reds - The Lion King is no exception. There are a lot of other vivid colors, however, and all of the colors are so warm and inviting and alive. Is that a strange way to describe color? 

But they really are - it's the kind of color you can feel.

4) Rafiki's voice.

I just love Rafiki's voice. I can't explain it, maybe it's a halfrican kid thing, but he reminds me of every hilarious relation on my dad's side ever (male and female). Buyi Zama does a great job.

5) The art.

Every little detail is perfect (it is Disney, after all) but beyond the amazing hat art, baby Simba is so adorable that I wish he were for sale in the gift shop. It almost makes you want a pet baby lion (but don't, because that can only end badly). 

6) Elton John.

Did the music. DONE.

7) Julie Taymor's genius.

I seriously believe she's the most talented costume designer in the world at the moment. You don't know how much I want one of those grass dresses.

The funny thing is that you probably think I'm kidding...

8) The warm fuzzies.

That makes you miss your sisters and cousins, now, doesn't it? We totally walk out looking like that (but maybe minus the hats - we still need to get that part down. And singing in tune and with the right words). 

9) That Disney Magic.

That inexplicable heart-stirring something that only Disney productions have is definitely present. Fangirl for life.

10) The Circle of Life

Because yes, it's awesome on my 'The Lion King' Pandora station (<3 Pandora) and maybe I break into song whenever anyone has The Lion King on and it's that part of the movie. But in real life, with a ridiculously talented cast of Broadway performers harmonizing perfectly?


Seriously, it's no wonder The Lion King won a half dozen Tony awards in 1998. The real question is, what happened to the other half?

What's your favorite musical?

If you could be in one Disney movie, which would it be?


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