Jan 22, 2014

My Style: Boston Harbor

Here are some photos from a lovely shoot by the Boston Harbor earlier this winter. Enjoy!

The main takeaways? 

1) A cropped sweater over a skirt makes for a chic but quick and comfortable outfit. It also lets you transition your warm weather favorites into the winter.

2) Color accents make an outfit pop. All black can be grim, especially when the weather is gray, but one or two strong colors can make a real impact.

3) Matching either lip color or eyeshadow to that accent color ties a look together seamlessly, without taking it overboard (as would be the case if your whole face matched your accent piece).

4) A bold accessory, like my earrings (best seen in the second to last photograph) is enough. You don't need to be dripping in bling (please don't)!

5) Check out the hidden gems in your neighborhood! Can you believe that I hadn't been to Boston Harbor, though it was right across the river, during all of my time at Harvard? I'm a senior, guys *facepalm*. 

This shoot finally brought me there and it's a wonderful place for an afternoon of exploring!

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  1. i love scarves and I LOVE these pics!
    I usually go with bright color combos... and avoid neutrals & whites, because I fear dropping food on white shirts or sitting on something when wearing white pants lol.

    I'm your new blog follower visiting from http://manoymetal.blogspot.com

  2. Your skin looks amazing in these photos! Love it!

    I actually just posted about neon and neutral color combos, I don't do it often, but I love how it looks!


  3. You are beautiful, Sabrina! Love the shoot pictures :)

  4. Gorgeous girl!
    I love your make up!

  5. Gorgeous girl!
    I love your make up.
    Kisses, Dia.


  6. Omg you are beautiful! I love the photos!


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