Jan 24, 2014

Recipe Reviews: Honey Oatmeal Bread

Back to reviewing recipes!

This time, I tried a simple staple. Girl can't live off of dessert alone (tragedy, I know).

I love bread and it's a staple in various cuisines, most notably (to me, at least, but I'm biased) German cuisine. There, people often eat bread for two main meals of the day - it's the featured food at breakfast and dinner (Abendbrot = evening bread).

I think bread is absolutely delicious and there are so many different types of bread to make! This time, I tried making Food Fanatic's Honey Oatmeal Bread. It's a lovely partially whole wheat loaf without intimidating preparation techniques, so seemed to be a pretty accessible loaf.

Here's what it looks like on their site:

Honey Oatmeal Bread Photo

Especially from very professional blogs like Food Fanatic, I know they're using great, high-tech photo equipment and likely photo-editing in post. Therefore, I always think it's useful to see a picture from a standard point-and-shoot camera, without special photoshop skills.

So here's what my loaf looked like, fresh from the oven!

Does the knife make me look a little over-eager to dig in? What can I say - crunchy crust and soft interior, yes please.  
I followed the recipe pretty much to a T, except that I substituted homemade oat flour (quick cooking oats turned into flour by the magical skills of a $20 kitchen blender) for the 1 cup of whole wheat flour.


No special reason, I'm just a college student with a limited pantry who didn't have any whole wheat flour on hand. Which I only noticed after starting the bread.

But we can pretend that I did it for a more sophisticated gustatory experience, or some other fancy-pants reason. 'K? Cool.

Moving on - the one other adjustment that I would like to make to the recipe isn't actually a change. It's a clarification.

The recipe ends on the site with baking the loaf for 35-40 minutes at 350F. I think it's more helpful to end with saying move to a cooling rack. Only let the loaf cool on the baking pan if you enjoy soggy bottoms!

And let's be real - no one does.

Other than that, the recipe turned out great and I would recommend it!

The loaf is large and, as a homemade and preservative-free loaf, tastes best if eaten in the first 2-3 days. If you're not sharing with anyone and/or you don't go through bed as quickly as some of us (who? me?) I would recommend slicing it in half (or quarters) and freezing it as soon as it has cooled off.

That way, you 'll be able to enjoy your bread for longer and without having to worry about mold or it becoming stale!

Do you bake your own bread?

How often do you make baking substitutions?

What's your go-to ingredient substitution? My mom almost always does margarine for butter, just because she always has margarine in the fridge and butter is normally something special that she has to run out for (I think butter goes bad faster than margarine).

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