Jan 10, 2014

Recipe Reviews: Little Bites of Comfort Oatmeal Jam Bars

The new semester is starting around now (or soon) and the holiday glow is starting to wear off for a lot of us. As are lives become more stressful and less Christmas happiness-tinted, it's important to take some breaks to enjoy life. It's a long time until Christmas rolls around again, so we need to make the most of the rest of the year, too!

While baking won't cure SAD (seasonal affective disorder), it can cheer us all up a little. It's a stress buster to relax elbow-deep in flour and it's spirit-lifting for those that you share the treats with, too!

Stresscake's Little Bites of Comfort Oatmeal Jam Bars might make you feel like erecting one of these guard snowmen in your yard so that you have more for yourself.

But the batch makes a lot and they're easy to make, so forget about the evil snowman and share!

This is what the bars look like on her blog:

And here's how they turned out for me!


Okay, so somehow my camera ate all the photographs of the finished product. Because they looked that delicious? Anyway, my bars looked very much like her picture, so I was pleased.

 The only changes I made where the size of the pan (not quite sure what the size of mine was, but I doubt it was whatever she asked for) and that I used water instead of rum.

I'm 20, I can't buy alcohol in this country. I also don't like the taste of alcohol and my roommates both don't drink for religious reasons, so we don't keep alcohol in the apartment. No loss, the bars were amazing without rum!

I also didn't use high quality jam because it was the evening and I didn't feel like making a grocery run. I was in a sort of anti-social mood and while taking a break to bake (especially since I needed to for a class get-together) was fine, I didn't feel like extending that break and risking social interaction by going grocery shopping. 

My textbooks would miss me too much and small talk was not high on my priorities list.

So instead of going out and hunting for a vague 'high quality jam' I used Smucker's orange marmalade. Deal with it.

It was delicious and none of my classmates (aka undiscerning college students) are foodie-sophisticated enough to turn up their nose at this fresh-baked dessert.

These were a huge hit at my Thursday evening class party/study group (only at Harvard can that be a thing) and I think my classmates are thoroughly impressed.

Shhhh, don't tell them how easy these are to make.

Or that I used Smucker's jam. So not hipster, ya know.

When were (are) the holidays over for you?

How do you keep balance in your life when you're busy?

How often do you bake?


  1. Love this kind of cake in my country we call this cake bonzita


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