Jan 16, 2014

Runway to Reality: Winter 2014 Trends

Now that the polar vortex frigidness is past and face frostbite is no longer a real danger, we can finally shed the umpteen layers of anything-and-everything-that-could-possibly-block-the-wind-and-keep-in-warmth in favor of something that actually looks pretty. Here's a miss, a hit, and an ish from the winter 2014 runways!

Miss: Exotic furs.
Exotic furs Roberto Cavalli Fendi Versace
Maybe it's because I'm a vegetarian (though I do wear leather on occasion...) but I've just never been a fan of fur. Lately I've been seeing more and more oversized fur coats bustling down the streets of New York, nothing but a comparatively small head above and a pair of pointy heels below. It's not a good look and all I can think of is Cruella DeVil.

Fur looks best on the animals it grew on, in my opinion. I'm not an extreme animal rights activist, but I just think that's true. Fur has yet to appeal to me, ever.

Hit: Metallic mesh.

Metallic mesh ChloƩ Anthony Vaccarello Paco Rabanne

To be honest, I saw this one pop up on the streets and in the stores quite a while before I perused the runway snaps of the lines (Anthony Vaccarello, Paco Rabbanne, etc.) that are favoring metallic mesh this season. 

While mesh done wrong can end up looking like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, pre-makeover, touches of it can add a fun futuristic edge to outfits, or just a fresh take on the partially bare skin idea (in a less ballerina-happy way than tulle). 

Ish: Grunge.

The nineties were a fashion disaster of epic proportions and THANK GOD that someone finally decided to send a great portion of the fashion industry to methadone clinics or remind them that their wealth precludes the necessity of dumpster diving for fashion. Bathing is good, smelling bad is not. So this grunge thing?

Grunge Emilio Pucci Rodarte Saint Laurent

I'm not that thrilled that grunge is back, but the modern take on grunge seems much cuter than the original. It has the appeal of the laidback chill vibe without demanding an immediate intervention by family and friends. For the accessible version of the trend, check out Urban Outfitters.

If you're not offended by their many 'cutting edge' (read: racist) fashion campaigns. There was the drama with the Asian-inspired looks in the 90s and the more recent drama with the Native American inspired looks. They just don't learn.

What's your favorite piece this winter?

How often do you update your wardrobe?

Do you shop at Urban Outfitters?


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