Jan 20, 2014

Some of the Best Michelle Obama Looks

Michelle Obama does tons of important things and is involved in tons of important efforts to do even more important things.

But this isn't about that.

Let's be frivolous for a moment and think about how fabulous she looks doing these important things, shall we?

Sorry, Bo, our eyes are on the skirt. Then on the rest of the dress, then the shoes, then Michelle, and then Michelle's famous arms. The President isn't even on our register when he's standing next to an outfit like that.

I just love the fullness of that skirt, it goes perfectly withe the length (as well as with the more revealing top) and the heels are the perfect finishing touch.

All that I have to say to this is that Jason Wu is genius.

I don't even like green dresses. How is this almost my favorite thing that she's ever worn?

It's a perfect dress for a Christmas ball, just perfect.

Just try to tell me she isn't the best dressed in the photo - just try.

It's also not a coincidence that all of my favorites are dresses.

I love dresses. Michelle Obama has the sense to wear them often. Have I mentioned that she's pretty cool?

 Which politician do you think is the best dressed?

Who's wardrobe would like to have (politician or not)?

What's your least favorite color to wear?


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