Feb 24, 2014

5 Best Things About It Not Being A Leap Year

Leap Years only happen every fourth year, so they get all the love. While 2014 might not be a leap year, however, it can still be pretty awesome!

Here are five great things about 2014 (or, specifically, about 2014 not being a leap year).

1) My birthday comes one day sooner.

Whoot for all March babies!

2) Graduation comes one day sooner.

I don't actually know much about how academic calendars work behind the scenes, so this might not actually be true. Maybe it's a number of days versus a what day kind of thing.

Ah well. We can at least pretend that this one is true, yes? And that the post-graduation world isn't a scary world full of uncertain success and certain poverty?

Kidding, I'm not actually that macabre.

3) The 28 of February falls on a Friday, so March 1 will fall on a Saturday!

I think starting on a Saturday must be a good omen for a month.

4) You don't work an extra day for free, if you're on a fixed annual wage.

Again, I'm not really sure how work days/calendars work, since I am (happily) still a student, but it sounds like a nice benefit if it is true.

5) Christmas comes a day sooner!

Though I have to admit that, even for me, it might be just a tad bit too early to start the Christmas 2014 countdown.

What's the best thing that has happened to you this month?

Do you have any big things coming up before the end of February? 

Do you know any leap year babies?

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