Mar 4, 2014

Best Game of Thrones Fashion

I tend not to follow television shows (I'm more a movies girl) but Game of Thrones definitely caught my interest! What can I say? It has it all - drama, intrigue, scandal, friendship, love, betrayal, amazing cinematography, great locations, and CLOTHES.

Seriously, it's no wonder Helmut Lang did an entire Game of Thrones-inspired line some seasons ago.

Helmut Lang
Khaleesi is the best dressed always and her name is great, to boot. Also, her hair. LOVE.

I don't know who's making all of her decadent dresses, considering that she's a princess without a kingdom riding through unfriendly lands with a savage Dothraki army. But however it's happening, her seamstress/stylist is to be commended.

And her hairstylist. Have I mentioned that I love her hair? She's totally rocking it. Gorgeous!

Now, it's a little more understandable how Sansa stays so well dressed.

Though she's far from my favorite, she stays well outfitted. If not bold or brave or anything else that commendable. Hey, you win some, you lose some.

Last, for this post, UM HELLO to this coat.

Those sleeves, that cut, that fabric. 

Le sigh.

Can we dress like this in real life, please? Let's skip all the warring lands drama, but keep the fashion. 'Mkay?

Do you follow Game of Thrones?

If so, what is your favorite character?

What TV show has the best wardrobe, in your opinion?


  1. Nice dress, I actually ordered a dress from a famous designer’s bridal collection as well for double the price and returned it immediately because the material felt so cheap compared to the my other one.


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