Feb 5, 2014

Five Truly Terrible Grammy Looks!

Celebrities always look so fab (high budgets + designer friends + great stylists = DUH) so to mix things up, here are five truly terrible Grammy looks that just absolutely missed the mark.

Lady Gaga's 2010 Atrocity

A worst-dressed list just isn't complete without a Gaga sculpture (because who can really call that an outfit and mean it?) so we may as well start the list off with the queen of strange. Still, props to her for being so out there and comfortable with it!

Jennifer Lopez's 2000 Beach Confusion

So apparently she was headed to the beach in a coverup (by Versace, none the less) and realized that she probably ought to stop by the Grammy's. But who has time to change? She's too busy making awesome music and movies (the woman is so talented) to worry about getting dressed.

Anne V's 2012 Budget-Cut Outfit

She wanted to go designer, but maybe she wasn't quite willing for a designer dress price. That's okay, a third of a dress is a third of the price - right? It would only be fair.

Lil Kim's 2002 Rodeo Mishap

I still cry quiet tears to think that Chanel made that. Really, really now? How can the greats fall so far?

Le sigh, I guess everyone has a bad day.

Alicia Key's Forgets the Party in 2002

Another one of those last minute looks. Hey, if you're out running errands and need to stop by an award show, what better way to glam up your laundry day duds than by throwing a jeweled scarf over the whole thing and hoping someone (anyone, really) buys the crock that it's intentional?

Do you have a favorite (or least favorite) Grammy outfit?

Was there a period in your own fashion history that you really regret? Elaborate!

Who, of current musicians, deserves a Grammy the most (according to you)?

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