Feb 20, 2014

New Quest Bar Flavor - Cookies & Cream!

There's a new Quest Bar flavor! As you know, I love pretty much all other flavors that they have and every new bar that they come up with seems to be better than the one before!

Cookies & Cream is also one of the best flavors ever (it was my favorite ice cream flavor for over a decade and is still really high up on the list). So I was really excited when they announced that the new bar would be Cookies & Cream flavored!

These have actual big chunks of cream filling in them! They reminded me of the white chocolate chunks in the White Chocolate Raspberry Quest Bar.

So. Good.

There were also big chunks of chocolate cookie (think Oreos) as well as small crumbles throughout a bar base that tasted very vanilla-y.

It's amazing microwaved, but also just room temperature. It's hard to think of a tastier way to get protein (a whopping 21 grams - the bars aren't vegan, but vegetarians can rejoice)!

This is one of my favorite Quest Bars at the moment, right up there with their Double Chocolate Chunk bars (also pretty new!) and the Quest Cravings Peanut Butter Cups. Yum!

Let's hope they never stop their prolific output of new products - it seems to be at least two new high quality flavors a year! I really can't think of another company that has them matched on both variety and quality.

Have you tried the new Quest Cookies & Cream bars? 

What's your favorite protein bar at the moment?

How often do you eat protein bars?


  1. I've still never had the opportunity to try one :(

    1. Check out GNC! That's where I usually buy them (or Netrition, but LuckyVitamin has them, too - the shipping costs are just higher)


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