Feb 5, 2014

Quick Deal - The Vegan Garden Meal Delivery!

You know how sometimes you find real bargains? I have one to share with you!

The Vegan Garden is offering a LivingSocial Special here, where you get five days of vegan meals delivered for just $99! That's a really amazing deal, because meal delivery programs tend to be pretty pricey - especially healthy ones.

meal deal image
The Vegan Garden Sample Meals
But this delivery is healthy, convenient, and (thanks this deal!) budget-friendly! WHOOT.

There's only a limited time frame in which you can order the deal, like all LivingSocial and Groupon offers, so I wouldn't waste time. Finally, healthy and convenient vegan meals delivered on a college student's budget!

I can't wait to try their service!

Are you trying it with me?


  1. Have you started yet, and do you like the food and service? Let us know! :)

    1. I haven't, but I will! My order will be shipped on Monday (tomorrow)


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