Feb 26, 2014

Recipe Review: Best Ever Rugelach

Note that the title of this recipe is not my invention and I am in no way promising that these will be the best Rugelach cookies ever. I don't even really know what Rugelach is, but cross-cultural appreciation, amiright?

I wrote that in a very Tom Haverford voice, guys.

Thank God I'm not a man.

Kidding! I would not be a sketchy Parks & Recreation character.

Anyway, Rugelach is a Jewish cookie that is often baked for celebrations - just don't ask me which ones or I'll be out of my depth again. Maybe Hanukkah? But I only say that because that's my answer to all questions Jewish (and apparently it's not even a big religious celebration, so bah humbug). 

Back to the recipe - I'm not a Rugelach connoisseur, so I can't say if they're the best Rugelach ever or even if they're decent Rugelach. I can only judge the recipe on its merits for producing a tasty cookie. 

I used Sandy's Best Ever Rugelach Recipe (and perhaps I put the cookies too close to each other on the tray? So much spillage).

I stayed really true to the recipe this time, largely because I was so unfamiliar with the desired result, and the only adjustments that I made were to use chopped walnuts instead of chopped pecans (I didn't have any of the latter) and to not include the optional raisins.

I thought the cookies were flavorful enough without the raisins, so they really weren't missed.

This recipe is a little time-consuming, so it's not a good last-minute choice. You have to make the filling, make the dough, roll out the dough, put the filling on the dough, roll up the dough, make the glaze, brush the cookies with the glaze...and somewhere in there, chill the dough (pre-first roll-out, actually). 

The dough can also get really sticky if it's out of the fridge for too long (hence why chilling before rolling out is necessary) so this is a pretty messy recipe.

Following the directions exactly, the cookies puff up nicely but the filling sort of oozes out, making a huge mess on the baking sheet. Make sure to pre-grease or you might as well throw that baking tray in the bin!

The resulting cookies were okay, but not amazing. I've baked better in my sleep.

Okay, maybe not in my sleep, but you get the point. Lots of effort, not an amazing result - if you need to make Rugelach for some reason, I wouldn't suggest not to use this recipe. On the other hand, I also wouldn't recommend it. Your call!

What is Rugelach supposed to be like?

Do you like making pastries or cookies better? These seem more pastry-ish.

What should I try next?


  1. I'm Jewish so I have some experience with Rugelach and made some for the first time next year. It looks like they would have came out better with less filling so there would be less spillage. Usually the filing stays in as sort of a spiral layer. I made some with nutella filling last year that were divine. Those look really delicious, though!


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