Feb 10, 2014

Veggie Vibes: Convenient, Healthy, and Obscenely Delicious!

I had the huge pleasure of trying out Chef Perkunas's organic raw food delivery service, Veggie Vibes, and vlogging about my experience.

Can you tell that I'm a (huge) fan?
The Reader's Digest version is that Veggie Vibes is the best thing ever, Chef Perkunas is amazing, and the food was both absurdly delicious and extremely energizing. I had so much energy and I didn't even go all raw!

Veggie Vibes Super Kong Bars
Everything was amazing, (watch my vlog!) so it's really hard to pick a favorite.

Veggie Vibes Chocolate Brownie
Ultimately, I think I'm going to have to go with the Chocolate Brownie and the Raw Granola as my two top favorites.

The  Shaman's Lunchbox and sprouted burger coming in as the savory close seconds.

Veggie Vibes Shaman Lunchbox
I was so surprised by how satisfying the meals were! I'm not vegan, I'm vegetarian, and I have to admit that (like many) I've always thought that vegan meals would be less satisfying. I have tried a good number of vegan meals and found that was true too often.

Veggie Vibes Shaman Lunchbox
Vegan food seemed to have two options - either light and unsatisfying (leaving me out of energy and/or ravenous just an hour later) or it was super greasy and stomach-ache inducing. Veggie Vibes meals were neither - they were filling and satisfying without feeling too heavy!

Veggie Vibes Raw Coleslaw/Dip
And, unlike many raw food options, Veggie Vibes has 'low-nut' dishes that emphasize sunflower seeds and sprouted grains, instead, in case too many nuts upset your stomach. It's perfect!

Veggie Vibes Raw Coleslaw/Dip
The meals were delicious! Be sure to check out my vlog about the experience and then try it out yourself - you can order as few as eight meals and up to as many meals as you would like for delivery anywhere in the continental USA!

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Have you tried Veggie Vibes?

Which of the meals looks the best to you?

What do you look for in a meal delivery service?

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