Feb 18, 2014

Who Dresses Boston: Spotlight on Local Fashion!

Everyone knows (or should know) that New York City is a fashion mecca. But Boston gets much less attention! It is, admittedly, the underappreciated little sibling of NYC when it comes to fashion - but it still does have something to offer and, since I'm currently living in Boston (or Cambridge, but that totally counts), I've decided to take a moment to appreciate local fashion movers and shakers!


It's chic, it's elegant, it's wearable. Check, check, check!

The line is best summed up by a single word - WANT. As in, I want all of it. Stunning!

Designed by women for women, their clothes are flattering and fab!

Do you ever shop local designers?

Do you like living in cities?

What's your personal style?


  1. Fabulous choices. All three have beautiful clothes that women WANT to wear.

  2. I don't think you'll regret ordering from the designer. For me, it was a very smart decision and I am so happy that I did it. Weddings are expensive enough!


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