Feb 7, 2014

Why I Love Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien is probably one of my favorite chains - I get a little happy whenever I find one near me in a new city and I've never had a bad meal at a Le Pain Quotidien.

Here's why I love them!

1) Everything always smells and looks so fresh and so good.

They use simple, fresh ingredients to create wholesome meals fit for omnivores, vegetarians, and even vegans (the menu has something for everyone).

Their tartines are almost too photogenic to eat.

2) The environment is cosy, comfortable, and not at all stiff.

Whodathunk a French place would make people feel comfortable? I suppose the French love of good food (which necessitates good atmosphere) precludes the otherwise anticipated haughtiness.

3) They offer baking classes...

Baking is SO fun.

Sadly for my mom, this is a fairly accurate depiction of how both her kitchen and I look whenever I go baking crazy when I'm home for the holidays.
I think it's great that they encourage people to give it a go, even though they stand to profit more if people and can't bake and must thus visit their cafes to eat tasty things.

4) ...and they actually share their recipes online.

Including for such unique foods as Olive Shortbread Cookies!

5) Bread.

I'm half-German. 'Nuff said.

What's your favorite chain?

Do you prefer cafes or restaurants? Cafes, hands down, for me!

What's your favorite type of bread?

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