Mar 29, 2014

Happy (almost) Birthday to Me!

I turn 21 tomorrow (WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOT)!

...and have a tough midterm the following evening. Ah well. Spring break is never over my birthday. 

This week has been packed with work, as I've adjusted to being back from break (Harvard professors enjoy giving work over break and, since I was having fun in Florida, I had to do crazy amounts of work when I came back).

Luckily I planned ahead for a crazy busy week and decided to order some energizing meals from Veggie Vibes!

You know how much I love their meals from earlier posts and my vlog. These didn't disappoint!

That's the Fresh Gyro (but all raw vegan - those are dried fruits, that's not darkened beef).

It was amazing, the caramelized onions were so sweet, the dried fruits so chewy, the veggies so incredibly fresh, and the lettuce wraps (large leaves of romaine on the bottom, you construct the wraps yourself with the creamilicious sauces) were crisp and sturdy enough to support all the toppings.

Time after time, I'm impressed with the incredible quality of the ingredients Chef Perkunas uses.

The colors of the food are always so bright and lively, adding to the visual appeal of the meals.

These Collard Rolls were a little sushi-esque, with a crunchy sunflower seed-based spread in each roll and an amazingly creamy Japanice sauce to dip them into.

I'm not sure how to describe the sauce best, other than just to say that it's scrumptious, so you'll have to try it yourself the next time this dish is offered.

Which you would want to do anyway, given how delicious the rolls are.

This is beautiful healthy food that you want to eat!

Even the Indonesian Soup (I'm not a big soup person, generally) is creamy and delicious and satisfying.

The flavors are bold, the spices perfect, and the texture beyond creamy.

I love the ever-changing menu (a new one every week!) because there are so many delicious things to try and pretty much everything Chef Perkunas comes up with is brilliant.

I had no idea what to expect from a cauliflower terrine, but it was delicious, fresh, satisfying, energizing, and up to Chef Perkunas's always high standards! It's fun to get to try the new dishes and he often puts new dishes into the rotation that haven't been offered at all before.

But I also really enjoy the staple menu items.

The Raw Kale Chips are my favorite staple item (they're on the menu every week) and the bag is a really generous portion that's enough for several snacks and blows conventional potato chips out of the water.

And Chef Perkunas is awesome! In addition to being really easy to get a hold of and really responsive if you have any questions about your order (you can tell he really loves being a raw chef for the people) he's just a really generous guy!

And a wizard with desserts. 

The website warning for this Cinnamon-Apple Pie is that you should get ready to lick the container. 

I concur.

I really enjoyed putting this in the chiller or the freezer for thirty minutes before eating, just so that the nut layers got a little crunchier (perfect balance off of the creamy, ooey gooey amazing cinnamon date layer). 

I have yet to meet a Veggie Vibes dessert that I don't love! And that they're healthy, too, is a great bonus.

But try them for yourself! Don't forget to put in your order ASAP, then you'll still be able to try the mango pie that's on the menu for next week.

 Mention Living, Learning, Eating to get a free extra entree with your order. They ship nationwide!

Have you tried Veggie Vibes yet? Do it!

When is your birthday?

What do you like doing on your birthday? 

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