Mar 8, 2014

My Style: Fashion Risks - Animal Print

As a college student, i often find myself falling into style ruts/comfort zones. Even though my wardrobe is fairly expansive (I'm not complaining!) I often find myself wearing and re-wearing just a small section of my wardrobe for period at a time.

Maybe I'm wearing skirts day in and day out, or little dresses with cute cardigans or sweaters. Maybe it's exams and I'm doing the whole yoga-/sweatpants look with a thermal tee and boots. Maybe I'm just doing the jeans and a sweatshirt thing that's been my generation's comfortable fallback.

Whatever it is, it's fun to shake things up a little by breaking out of those ruts. A great way to break out of a rut is to go a little further - instead of just reaching into the other parts of your fashion reportoire, going for something that's always been out of your comfort zone.

For me, that's always been animal print.

Photography by Adam Sisler. Make-up by Molly Leahy. Wardrobe and Styling by Tatiana Zimkus.


There's nothing that you can't pull of with confidence! Even animal prints and pleather don't have to look tacky - it's all about how you pull the look together and, even more so, how you rock it.

Go out with moxy!

What's your fashion fear?

What's your go-to look?

Are you


  1. I love the shirt/skirt combo :) where did you get that shirt??

    1. Thanks! It's actually a dress - I'm not sure from where, but ask Tatianista ( She'll definitely know, they're hers!


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