Mar 10, 2014

Pure To Go - Raw Vegan Meals Delivered Nationwide!

I got to try some meals from Pure Raw Cafe the other week and they were phenomenal!

Pure Raw Cafe has a Pure To Go raw food delivery service that ships their delicious raw meals everywhere in the continental USA, though they're based in Oklahoma.

Even Boston, which I consider to be a pretty large and pretty progressive city, doesn't have much in the way of raw vegan food options. Unless you're lucky enough to live in NYC or California, these sorts of services are a great way to get those yummy, healthy treats when you want them.

The food is shipped in plastic takeout containers that are wrapped in several layers of plastic wrap, preventing any unwanted spills - it worked!

Pure To Go ships every Wednesday and the meals arrive on ice, so that they'll stay fresh until Saturday or Sunday if you keep them in the fridge. The menu is always rotating and they regularly offer special promotions, especially if you want to buy several weeks of meals at a time, so it's a great option for those who want to eat these healthy, yummy treats regularly.

And they really are yummy! A lot of the dishes are quite rich (very nut-based) but that's also what keeps you satisfied and makes these meals so filling, creamy, rich, and indulgent.

The Tantalizing Tuna Salad comes with four cupfuls of creamy dip and some veggies to spoon it up with. Everything was super fresh, except the spinach, which wilted from the cold. That's easy to fix, though, just add your own! It was my least favorite dish, but only because the others were so delicious.

The lasagna was a very large portion and absolutely delicious.

The macadamia cheese was creamy and great (and there was a lot of it) but my absolute favorite part may have been the heirloom tomato sauce - I think there might have been nuts in that, too? Otherwise, I just can't explain the amazing flavor and texture sensations going on there.

So. Good.

The eggless egg salad with tomato basil and onion bread was really delicious, too. My favorite part was the bread, which was surprisingly chewy and carby (though still rich and seedy/nutty). I could just eat that stuff for meal after meal after meal.

Similarly, I loved the crust of the Caramalized Onion and Mushroom Pizza.

The cheese on this was also just amazing! Seriously, I think that may be one of my favorite raw vegan meals EVER. It's just so incredibly sumptuous - don't take my word for it, because I can't do it justice. Try it yourself!

The Strawberry Nirvana Soup is also something that customers tend to rave about and I can see why. Served cold, it tasted like a thick, hand-spun strawberry milkshake - or if you freeze it most of the way and blend it (if you have a super high-power blender like my new Ninja from the best parents ever) it tastes like premium strawberry ice cream.

But my favorite dessert, and probably favorite thing ever, was the Chocolate Ganache with Raspberry Puree. I couldn't eat it all at once because it was just so rich and indulgent (and this is from someone who loves chocolate! And dessert!) so I enjoyed it for several days. 

The chocolate ganache is so creamy, the nutty crust is so rich and crunchy and amazing, and the raspberry pieces are sweet-tart and absolutely delicious. I LOVE this. I would definitely order it again and recommend that you order it right now because the photo just can't do it justice, nor can words. You just have to experience it.

Do you prefer sweet or savory? I am 100% for sweet! But some of these savory dishes were pretty amazing.

Which of these looks best to you?

Have you tried Pure To Go?


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