Mar 16, 2014

Rant of the Day: (Don't) Stop Bossy

Sheryl Sandberg of LeanIn (okay, okay - and COO of Facebook, so that might ring a few more bells) has been all over the news lately with her anti-bossy campaign.

And oh, look - the Girl Scouts are behind it! As a 12-year Girl Scout (twelve awesome years) I'm going to sit here, tying slip knots and eating Girl Scout cookies (the biggest takeaways from all of that, no?), and beg to differ.

And yes, I was called bossy. And yes, I don't think that's a bad thing.

Bossy = Like a boss. Done. Everyone's talking about it now like it's this revolutionary new thing that bossy kids are just exhibiting leadership skills.

Um, no. It's built into the word.

Obama Bitch Please

And why is this becoming a female empowerment thing? I was right there on that playground and there were some bossy little boys, too!

I don't disagree that we should encourage development of leadership skills, but banning bossy is ridiculous. All I could think when I read about this is those women who've banned 'the F word.' 

Oh, okay, then. So when you want me to help your kid with their health class homework and they get to nutrition, I should just say that the three major macronutrients are carbohydrates, proteins, and thatbadword

There's nothing wrong with any of these words. They're just words and are neither inherently negative nor inherently positive. Frankly, if you asked me (which you didn't, but this is my blog so I'll talk anyway), being called bossy sounds like a pretty positive thing.

* Make more money
* Have more work-life satisfaction
* Love their bosses (assuming it's a traditional one boss model and not some sort of nested boss hierarchy)
* Set their schedules
* Have nicer houses
* Can afford more glitter gel pens things 

13 Reasons Why You Totally Deserve To Treat Yo Self

Maybe we should just focus on trying to make it more okay for girls to be leaders? That makes a lot more sense to me than demonizing words. I like writing. Don't take my words away!

I mean, yeah, there are over a million words in the English language. But I want them!

Have you ever been called bossy?

What's your opinion of the anti-bossy campaign?

Would you promote censorship of language in the above specified ways?

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