Mar 6, 2014

The Vegan Garden Meal Delivery Review

I promised you guys a few weeks ago that I would review The Vegan Garden vegan meal delivery service for you! It's basically a traditional frozen meal delivery service, but 100% vegan and all packaged in space-conserving, roommate-friendly flat packs that are perfect for when you're sharing a freezer.

No matter what the dish, it's always almost flat - this, for example, is the Szechwan Eggplant
Other frozen meal plans, where you have to somehow magically fit a week's worth of meal trays into a single freezer next to your roommate's frozen peas and questionable frozen, thawed, refrozen, rethawed, (repeat indefinitely) mystery meat.

These are way yummier (and have way better food safety) than that.

Szechwan Eggplant
The packets, since they have all the air sucked out and are flattened for space-saving, can look kind of small. But once you cut the packet open and warm the food up, the meals really aren't! They're well-portioned, satisfying, and absolutely delicious.

Zesty Zucchini Soup
There were several soups, which were all a little salty for my taste but otherwise tasted pretty good.

They're also perfect for warming up on those cold days!

There were also heartier meals and plenty of cheesy meals.

I don't eat much cheese ordinarily, because I'm a bit lactose-intolerant and there's nothing that gets me to that pukey place faster than cheese or straight-up milk, but the Enchilada De Colorado was amazing, so cheesy, so rich, and so delicious.

But the best part was that it didn't make me feel sick! Yay! This was definitely one of the bigger meals - I was stuffed after that.

One of my other favorite was the Jambalaya. Before I became vegetarian, I enjoyed sausage - so the vegan sausages in this and the hearty, creamy, delicious brown rice dish was a real treat.

I would definitely order this again. But it would still probably be a tough call, because there are so many options

The Vegan Garden probably has more variety than any other service I've heard of (or at least had the opportunity to try so far). You choose what you want when you want it and it arrives conveniently frozen so you can eat what you want when you want it!

Chocolate Chip Cookie
But let's not forget dessert. Could we ever? 

The important thing to remember is that, while the meals generally take about 3-4 minutes in the microwave from frozen to fully heated (so fast!) the desserts generally only take about 30 seconds. Putting them in for 3 minutes will result in a smoky charred puck in the microwave!

Not like that happened to me, or anything...

All of the desserts were really sweet and delicious - there isn't anything that I wouldn't recommend! The portions were also just right - they weren't overly large, but also not too little. 

Best of all (how many bests can I have in one post?) the service can either be with set meal plans or a la carte - so you have the option of ordering exactly the number and types of dishes that you want! There's so much flexibility, it's great.

Which dish looks best to you?

Have you tried The Vegan Garden?

Where do you have the most problems with space in your household? Freezer and fridge can definitely be up there for those of us with roommates!


  1. THeir delivery service took 3 weeks and the food was really not very appetizing or tasty.

    1. Whoa, three weeks? I'm sorry you had a bad experience - try reaching out to them? Sorry, I'm not affiliated with them in any way, so I can't do anything about it :( I had a positive experience, but I guess these things can vary case by case.

  2. Would you min sharing if you losst any weight with the program?

    1. I did not, but I also wasn't trying to and didn't stick to the program, but rather just enjoyed the meals as convenient frozen meals here and there.

  3. I loved the main dishes, especially the jambalaya. The desserts I received were cookies, either too crumbly or something I would not normally eat. Have you tried any other meal services since you posted this?

    1. I tried (and loved!) Veggie Vibes (reviews here: ) and Joulebody (photos on my Instagram @danaikadzere). They were both amazing, but very, very pricey! If I were Bill Gates, I would eat them all the time, though :)


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  6. I share the same feelings! I loved The Vegan Garden delievery. I actually just ordered again- they had a good code for 20% your whole order (I think if it was over 100- but thats not hard to do because its so good!) the code was cozy20

  7. I share the same feelings! I loved The Vegan Garden delievery. I actually just ordered again- they had a good code for 20% your whole order (I think if it was over 100- but thats not hard to do because its so good!) the code was cozy20

  8. I just received my first two week supply of food. So far everything is delicious and no complaints. Haven't tried the desserts yet but am looking forward to ordering them in the near future as I really do have a sweet tooth I'm afraid! The delivery service is reasonable priced and when I called the company and left a message I received a call back from a very helpful employee who answered all my questions. Thank you Vegan Garden!

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