Mar 14, 2014

Veggie Vibes: Midterm Survival Secret

I did a vlog review of Veggie Vibes a few weeks ago and just absolutely loved all of their food. It was literally some of the best food that I've ever eaten in my whole life.

Popeye Soup: A really creamy, surprisingly thick raw vegan soup made with spinach, kale, celery, carrots, lemon, chillies, and herbs - also something creamy, because it's super creamy, but I'm not sure what. Coconut?
Because it was wave one of midterm exams at Harvard this week, I decided to treat myself to some of Chef Perkunas's amazing meals - it's a real timesaver, because the dishes are all individually packaged and don't even need to be heated up or anything. It's faster than takeout - not to mention WAY yummier, healthier, raw, vegan, and productive.

Productive seems like a strange word to describe food, but these meals are so energizing - even when I'm exhausted after a late night at Lamont (the 24 hour library in Harvard Yard).

Often when I'm sleep-deprived and eat a filling meal, I just feel even more like falling asleep. These are perfect for when you're busy, because I'm just filled with energy after eating them. They wake me right up!

Like the other meals from them, all of what I ordered this week was perfect - generous portions that filled me up and kept me going without that icky over-full feeling, high quality ingredients that you could taste the freshness in, and just such delightful culinary magic that everything (even beets) tasted amazing!

Every week, Chef Perkunas puts together a new menu of delightful raw vegan dishes that can be delivered locally or shipped nationwide (I'm on the East Coast, so very grateful for that). The meals are all amazing, but the dessert is always the best.

This week was a new one - Glowlicious! It's basically creamy, nutty deliciousness with sweet, sticky, jam-my fruit on top.

AKA perfection.

I also ordered a bag of their kale chips, because they're really delicious and would put Lay's out of business if they had as intense a marketing team as Lay's. Fact.

There's still time to order them for next week (they delivery on Tuesdays and accept orders through Saturday - sometimes Sunday, but that's cutting it close). Don't forget to mention Living, Learning, Eating to get a free extra dish with your order! They ship nationwide!

How do you stay sane when you're busy?

What's your productivity secret?

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