Apr 8, 2014

Boutikey: Shopping Boston

I don't have an iPhone. I know - "but, but, but...androids?"

Usually, I'm quite happy that I have one piece of tech that's not from Apple. But sometimes, like when I see a super cute iPhone cover, I consider making the switch.

I heard of Boutikey recently, a shopping and rewards app just for iPhones, and it's definitely another one of those things that makes me consider making the switch!

It's so useful for boutique shopping in the cute boutiques in Boston!

I love how social media is changing the way that businesses interact with customers and making the entire consumer experience so much more interactive. Boutikey does that for boutiques!

Through Boutikey, boutiques can showcase trending items in their stores, post special events and offers, and digitize their rewards programs. 

In lay(wo)man's terms, digitizing rewards programs means that it you can store your reward programs on your iPhone, so you don't have to worry about keeping track of all the different rewards cards and how many points you have/when they expire.

Some of the deals are really great - for example, if you spend $250 on full price items at Sail Loft in Chestnut Hill, you get $100 off. That's 40% off your entire purchase, essentially turning the whole store into a huge clearance rack!

At Mint Julep in Brookline, you get 20% off one item with every $200 spent. Or, if you like getting things for free, Bobbles and Lace on Newbury Street offers one pair of free selected earrings for every $100 spent. 

The best part? You can keep track of all of these great deals on your iPhone, making it much easier to keep oversight over what's being offered where.

Currently, 53 boutiques in Boston are using Boutikey and it's exclusively available for iPhones. Luckily, an Android-accessible version will be available soon!

Do you prefer shopping in boutiques or big stores?

What are your favorite things to shop for?

How do you keep track of rewards programs?

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