Apr 17, 2014

Something Different

I recently got to try a cool new-to-me oil: walnut oil! I have plenty of experience with fragrant olive oils, spicy peanut oils, gets-it-done vegetable/canola oils, and even decadent truffle oils. But walnut oil was new to me!

Emile Noel sent a bottle of their artisan walnut oil to try. It's a great first walnut oil to try, as it's fine pressed and organic with no filler oils, so you get the pure taste and mouth feel of walnut oil and can decide whether or not you like it.

I did! It's a fragrant oil and works best in salads, though it would probably be a great 'secret ingredient' in walnut cookies or tarts to enhance that smooth, nutty flavor. 

Though it says no cooking, so I guess save it for the salads? I've only used it on salads, as a dip for bread, and in creamy dips like homemade hummus, so I can't vouch for what cooking with it would do. Honestly, I doubt your oven would explode if you tried to use it in some cookies. I think the more likely reason for that is because it would take away from the great flavor and the health benefits (olive oil is also not great at high temperatures, by the way).

Aside from the distinct (in a good way) flavor, here are some body benefit reasons to eat walnut oil.

Walnut oil:

   - Have a very high antioxidant content (walnuts are among the tree nuts with the greatest antioxidant content)

   - Improve circulation

   - Reduce heart disease risk
   - Improves skin

   - Reduces inflammation

   - May help with skin disorders, like eczema

So basically eat walnut oil, be beautiful. Right? That's the SparkNotes version?

Also, does anyone know the difference between SparkNotes and CliffNotes? Beats me. Read the book! But I digress.

Emile Noel has a range of other artisan oils, including various olive oils, sesame oil, sunflower seed oil, pumpkinseed oil, hazelnut oil, macadamia oil, and sweet almond oil. They seem like a great option if you want to branch out a little, while sticking to healthy fats!

What's the most exotic oil you've ever tried?

What's your favorite kind of oil?

What oil have you never tried that you really want to?

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