Apr 12, 2014

Stomach-Friendly Pizza and Other Great Things

Can you believe that summer is just around the bend? This year is moving so quickly! I'm a fan of the fast pace, but definitely need to squeeze every minute out of these last two months of school.

Convenient Veggie Vibes to the rescue! As before, I put in my order early in the week and received it on Tuesday morning, fresh and packed on ice.

There was a minor snafu with FedEx's delivery, but I contacted Chef Perkunas and he resolved the issue really quickly and positively. The meals were delivered less than an hour later, so they were still super fresh and cold.

I have to say that was probably the easiest, most pleasant problem resolution I've experienced when a difficulty has popped up with any order from anyone!

There were some new delights and some old favorites this week. While the menu changes every week, Chef Perkunas does rotate dishes so that you can enjoy favorite dishes again, albeit in different combinations.

The Rainbow Yumm is an old favorite and, like last time, I really enjoyed it! It was really fresh, like everything else, and the sweet almond cream paired wonderfully with the crispy veggies, sweet diced apples, and juicy grapes.

It also came with a side of crunchy, spicy kale chips. Yum(m)!

The Goddess Mana soup was new to me. It's great that Chef Perkunas always tapes the containers, because it stopped this from being messy.

Great foresight!

I didn't like the soup, but I have to add the disclaimer that I have a strong aversion to grapefruit ever since I had a really bad episode of food poisoning two summers ago shortly after eating some grapefruit. I loved grapefruit before that, and ate it regularly, but haven't been able to eat it or anything grapefruit-flavored since then without becoming nauseous. Since grapefruit juice was a primary ingredient in this soup, the flavor was pretty strong.

This is the only Veggie Vibes item that I have ever not enjoyed, so I'm pretty sure that it isn't the soup's fault, but rather my aversion to grapefruit.

The other new-to-me dishes were all amazing, however!

The Indian Tart was really rich and indulgent - it's definitely the sort of meal that holds you over and sticks to your ribs!

My dad's main problem with vegan food, like that of many people, is that it is either not filling or doesn't keep you satisfied for more than an hour. This would sort out that misconception quickly and deliciously!

Emphasis on deliciously. There's a thick base of nuts, including yummy walnuts, cubed zucchini in the layers (think lasagna-esque) and topped with chopped portobello mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, and vegan cheese. It's so flavorful! There's also a small green salad on the side (very fresh and delicious) and a basil pesto dip/dressing for the salad. So yummy!

It was almost my favorite dish this week.

Almost. But the dessert and the Pizza Gordita were just so delicious that they had to win!

The Pizza Gordita is aptly named, it's definitely a fat pizza. 

It's a large rectangular slice of pizza with a rich nut-squash crust, lots of vegan nut cheese, and super fresh and delicious marinated vegetables on top. 

I've never had a yummier slice of pizza and, since it's vegan, didn't have the usual digestive discomfort that traditional pizza causes. That's happy dance worthy!

As was the dessert - another new-to-me treat! The dessert, Perfect Pleasure, also lived up to its name. It was very fruity, rich, syrupy (without actual syrup), and scrumptious. 

The cherries were a real positive surprise - they were sweet, tart, and a perfect complement to the cocoa-date-nut truffle. Yum!

I still have only had positive experience ordering from Veggie Vibes and highly recommend the service!

Don't forget that if you mention Living, Learning, Eating when you place your order, you'll get an extra entree for free!

If you're in school, when does your semester end?

What do you consider the official beginning of summer?

What's your favorite kind of pizza?

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