May 3, 2014

End of Term Energy With Veggie Vibes

I honestly can't believe that it's already May and I'M GRADUATING THIS MONTH!


As excited as I am about FINISHING SCHOOL (ie: a lot) the end of the semester also means - cue ominous Jaws theme song - final exams.


It takes a lot of energy to make it though the stress of finals and pre-finals prep, especially since it starts a few weeks out. To keep my energy up from the inside, I ordered Veggie Vibes (okay, okay, I take every possible excuse to do so).

I'm starting with the best part, dessert, because it's finals period. And because this dessert is actually healthy.

The Arroz con Leche is healthy enough to eat for breakfast and delicious enough to eat for every meal always. 

Though that wouldn't be too balanced, so I had to resist. I also only ordered two, so...

I was a little wary of jicama in a dessert, but the coconut cream is so rich and Chef Perkunas prepared it so amazingly that it works just like long grain rice and is absolutely amazing and delicious! The pineapple was also super sweet and fresh and amazing.

There are dried fruits in there and they take it over the top from extremely delicious to unbelievably amazingly delicious.

The Green Smoothie was also great and, as advertised, filling enough for a meal. It's super fruity and doesn't taste like a green smoothie at all - all that you can taste is the banana, orange juice, strawberries, and persimmons in it. It's really thick and creamy!

I prefer to make my own smoothies, because I have an awesome Ninja blender and making smoothies is super quick and easy, but if you're either new to green smoothies or don't have a great blender, this is a great option!

On to things that (like the amazing Arroz con Leche) I can't make myself...

The sprouted walnut neat/veggie topping was amazing!

This came with a side of basil sauce, but I barely needed it because of how flavorful the walnut neat mixture was.

This came with a piece of Naan made of sweet potatoes and nuts and seeds and spices (it was amazing) but I'm not sure where my photo of that went. Sorry guys!

This was a build-it-yourself dish and was delicious with super fresh veggies and a flavorful sauce, as always with Veggie Vibes.

Voracious was a more salad-style dish, but also really filling and flavorful with all the wonderful toppings, ample fresh veggies, pineapple salsa, and date-walnut cream to pour over it. The caramelized onions were definitely my favorite part of this dish, they were so. Good.

Veggie Vibes's raw vegan meal deliveries never fail to blow my (tastebuds') socks off and fill me with great energy!

Try it yourself and don't forget to mention Living, Learning Eating to get a free extra entree with your order. Place your delivery by Friday or Saturday for Tuesday morning delivery (nationwide shipping)!

Have you tried Veggie Vibes?

What are your survival tips for stressful/busy times?

What's your favorite meal of the day (dessert can count)?


  1. Oh goodness, this all looks beyond scrumptious! :)
    xo TJ


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