May 14, 2014

Onyx Box Review - Adventures in Beauty

I reviewed a hair care OnyxBox the other day, but was pleasantly surprised to discover that, due to popular demand, they've created a beauty/makeup box, too!

Cue the excitement.

Also, can we take a minute to delight in how pretty the packaging is? I love pink (as you can tell) and the hot pink tissue paper with the pretty logo sticker is so nice. It makes you super excited to get to the beauty goodies inside!

The April OnyxBox had $110 worth of full-size Cargo Cosmetics products.

Considering that an OnyxBox subscription is only $25 per month, that's an amazing deal. You're paying for less than a quarter of the retail value!

The selection of products was great. As one would expect of high quality makeup products, the containers are cute and robust, so you can easily stick them in your handbag if you're out for a long day and want to have the option of doing touch-ups.

The powder blush was a beautiful peachy-rosy color, with an orange undertone that's great for brown skin.

Pure pink or red blush can look so artificial and unattractive on darker skin, but the orangey hue picks up some natural skin tone colors and looks great.

Darker skinned girls could probably get away with using more of it, but since I'm lighter skinned and don't wear blush anyway (I already blush from cold, activity, and embarrassment) just a light swipe was perfect.

Next up was the eye shadow. I was expecting a golden or bronze-ish natural hue, since that's what I wear (when I wear it - I'm more of an eyeliner girl usually) and often see on other African American models in ads. I missed by a mile!

Blue eyeshadow probably makes most of us think of the 80s, but it's really underappreciated. Especially for darker skin, it can be a color with a lot of depth!

This isn't using the Cargo makeup, but here's some blue eyeshadow inspiration from a shoot I did a while ago.

The Philip B White Truffle Shampoo was a throwback to OnyxBox's hair care roots (see what I did there? Hahahaha...). It's a small shampoo, but so decadent and it smells so good. It's a really rich shampoo and makes your hair feel and smell great!

Back to the makeup.

So remember how I said I'm more of an eyeliner than an eyeshadow girl, though I can appreciate both?

This eyeliner pencil was really great. The tip didn't break, it went on smooth (no unpleasantly sharp and brittle No. 2 pencil-style eyeliner pencil), and the color lasted all day. I really liked it and, as someone who generally prefers liquid eyeliner for ease of application, that's saying something!

Last up was a lovely pink long wear lip gloss. It wasn't as super shiny as some lip glosses can be, so it's something you can wear beyond the age of 13 and/or to work. The color was nice, not too sharply pink but still with nice color, and didn't immediately kiss off onto my glass when I drank something.

I can see why this beauty box is back due to popular demand - I loved it!

What's your beauty prep routine?

Do you wear the same makeup every time you wear it, or do you like to mix it up?

How often do you wear makeup?


  1. How pigmented is this?
    I'm always curious about that since I have such dark skin.

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