May 8, 2014

Onyx Box Review - Adventures in Curly Hair Care

I'm a fan of subscription services as a great way to get to try a lot of different products and/or receive curated products that you're more likely to be a fan of than if you just went to the store and randomly picked a few products off of the shelves. 

I have found some new favorites over the years through subscription services,  and was excited to hear about OnyxBox!

OnyxBox is a curated subscription service specializing in beauty products for black women. I'm half-black and, as a woman of color, have given up on the beauty sections of magazines like Cosmo, Seventeen, and Elle years ago. Sure, they occasionally have an article for ethnic girl hair problems - but let's be real. When they talk about 'Updo's for Curly Hair!' they're usually not talking wavy hair.

31 Problems Only People With Curly Hair Will Understand

Yeah. I guess there are curls...but that's not what curly hair means to me. 

31 Problems Only People With Curly Hair Will Understand 

This is. But we don't all wake up looking like Bey and getting the man under control can take some work for us mere mortals. 

So I was really excited to see an OnyxBox dedicated to ethnic hair care! I've gotten way better at taming the beast (jk, I love it) over the years, but I'm always up to make my relationship with my hair even better. 

Reducing time spent trying to convince it to look presentable would significantly improve that relationship.

This OnyxBox came with an assortment of hair products from Beautiful Textures, an affordable hair care system sold at Walmart for around $5 or $6 per standard product (I believe the texture manageability system costs a bit more).

I was reasonably pleased with the styling products, though there wasn't anything that blew me out of the water. Then again, I wasn't expecting that much from products whose main selling point is affordability.

I like my curls, so I didn't follow the instructions to straighten them. This system is supposed to allow you to return to your normal curl patter after about six weeks, but I was wary to try it because it was a little high of a risk for me. I did use the shampoo and conditioner, but didn't follow the instructions to straighten. 


No difference, to be honest. Then again, I didn't follow the instructions.

Overall, I wasn't blown away by the products in this box but I loved getting to try hair products that I otherwise wouldn't have!

How often do you try new styling products?

How often do you change your look?

Have you ever permanently changed your hair other than a cut (ie: dying, straightening, perming, etc.)?


  1. great review! i LOVE trying new products! =)

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