May 21, 2014

Ten Things to Do Before Graduation

Since I'm about to ****GRADUATE**** I thought I'd put together a list of pre-graduation to-dos for those with a semester or more left!

1) Take a class for fun. 

Twelve years of education plus four years of higher education can sometimes lead to a little burnout - it's a lot! And getting bogged down with trying to make the grade can be a bummer, too.

High Expectations Asian Father - WHy Harvard Better than Yale?

But when it comes down to it, learning is fun. Take a class purely for fun to remember that you actually do enjoy learning. If you didn't you probably wouldn't have chosen college!

2) Appreciate your meal plan.

In the real world, you generally can't just show up to a big room any day of the week between the hours of x and y to have as much free food, buffet style, as you want.

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There's a reason people love buffets and it probably has to do with the fact that food acquisition generally takes more time, money, and effort than that.

4) Go to a professor's office hours.

Building professional relationships now can really help your career in the future. Students tend to take access to top professionals in their fields (aka: the professors) for granted, but that nonstop access dries up as soon as you graduate.

College is a golden opportunity to secure recommendations for jobs, grad school, etc. And some of your professors are bound to be just plain interesting!

5) Go to a college party.

Social relationships are important!


And it's just fun! But try not to be the person puking in the rose bushes, because then I have to feel bad for you/worry about your poor, poor liver.

6) Go to the library just to explore the stacks.

A lot of schools have super cool libraries (shout to Harvard's Widener library!) but we rarely take the time to appreciate them when we're studying or collecting books for papers.


Do it!

7) Learn about alumni organizations.

Jobs. Friends. Barbecues. 'Nuff said.

8) Knock off somethings on your school's bucket list.

Every school has their traditions, whether it's a particular to-do list or some must attend parties or just a general culture.

I'm not suggesting that you entirely assimilate to your school's stereotype, but do partake in at least a bit of the culture. It's a fun, social activity that allows you to get closer to your peers!

9) Pull an all-nighter.

I'm in no way condoning getting into the habit of no sleep, but I think it's something that's pretty universal to the college student experience and everyone should do it at least once. It will be a strugglebus towards the end, but hang in there!

Bonus if you make it a really productive and/or fun night!

10) Do what YOU want to do.

College is to life what the Enlightenment was to literature - it's a time to learn how to think critically, question what you're told, and determine independently whether or not something sounds advisable/plausible/ethical.

We're bombarded with advice about what we should do, but the ultimate goal of a college education is to be able to figure that out for yourself. As in life, sometimes you'll probably stumble a bit - but as longs as you keep trying, that's the best you can do!

What's on your top ten list?

What advice would you give a younger you?

Do you regret what you do more or what you don't?


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    1. Thanks, Akanksha! I have a lot more advice posts coming up (with a serious humor bent, of course) since I'm *graduating* (I still get so excited every time I say that) and MOVING TO NYC!

      ...okay, maybe I'm a little excited about that part, too.


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