May 24, 2014

Top Ten Tips for a Successful Move

Since I'm graduating (can I say that enough times? I'mgraduatingI'mgraduatingI'mgraduating) I'm moving cities - to NEW YORK CITY! Still, a move is a move. Here are my tips, hopefully I can take some of my own advice next week.

Don't count on it.

1) Give yourself enough time.

I'm guilty of breaking this cardinal rule, but I blame it on Manhattan rent - I'm moving into my new apartment on Sunday, June 1 in the evening and beginning work on Monday, June 2 in the morning.

Nobody talk to me. I'm going to be grouch-r-us.

Suffice it to say that I will be living out of boxes. #hobostyle4life

2) Take breaks. Have sleep. Eat food. Drink beverages.

The general point here is that you need to take care of your physical and emotional well-being or moving will closely approximate the seventh circle of hell.


3) Enlist help.

Trade cookies, beer, hugs, or your fabulous company for the assistance of some friends to keep you sane speed things up.

But don't go as far as Budget suggests. Then just hire a moving company.

4) DJ it. 

Music makes 89% of things better, including chores and moving.

happy sad music song songs relate relatable mood

Might have bulls***ted that statistic...#disclaimer

5) Don't take it so seriously.

You don't have to go from an empty apartment full of cardboard boxes to something Home & Garden worthy in one or two days. It's fine if you just get it livable at first and work on interior decorating and organization as you go.
Seems reasonable.

This is real life, not an exam. There's a spectrum of acceptable outcomes.

6) Realize that starter apartments are just starter apartments.

So maybe it isn't your dream place and the the shower looks a little dingier than it did in the photos. Maybe three or four roomies isn't what you wanted from your young 20s professional life.

Still, spending 78% of your salary on rent isn't an option and a starter apartment is just that - a start. It's impermanent.

7) Count your blessings.

Around the 35th paper cut and when you've tripped over the same disassembled Ikea table leg for the umpteenth time, your mood can get pretty low. This is around when a cheery reminder of all that's going right in your life is absolutely called for - you have a place to move to! You have things to move into it! YAY!

8) Put up a personal touch or two early on.

It's easy to focus on just what's necessary and, in a way, that's what I've been encouraging you to do thus far. It's equally important to have something that makes it feel like yours and like home, though. Whether it's a poster, a painting, a photograph, or a fuzzy pink bean bag chair, get it up pretty earlier and it'll make your place (and the moving process) much less austere.

Speaking of bean bag chairs, do those still exist, or am I dating myself? #fossilproblems

Don't even care, I want one just like that.

9) Be appreciative of your helpers.

This goes back to #2. It's important to stay friendly, because your helpers don't have to help you. They could make up a million and one excuses not to be there, but they are there, so be grateful.

It's really nice of them to do it and they don't deserve your hangry pouting. If you're getting too snarky for your own good, take a froyo break and start again when you're ready to be a nice person again.

10) Don't be scared to leave a few boxes for next weekend.

Once you have the basics out and the bulk of the work done, it's fine to call it a day and leave the rest for when you have more energy, time, and enthusiasm again.

What are your moving tips?

What's your funniest moving story?

What are your favorite songs to unpack to?

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