Jun 5, 2014


This is a bit over-due, but here's a photo dump post (courtesy of my smartphone) of my graduation from Harvard.

Graduating from Harvard #letmetakeaselfie 
I now have an A.B. Degree in Human Evolutionary Biology from Harvard University (in a nice frame and everything) and am officially a real life grown up working a real life full time (and then some) awesome job as Chief City Writer at a tech startup in SoHo!

At lunch with my parents
Our Class Day speaker was Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook and our Commencement Speaker was Michael Bloomberg (and let's be honest - his name is his brand) but the real standouts were our two honorary degree recipients.

President George H W Bush received an honorary doctorate of law!

18-time Grammy winner Aretha Franklin (aka, the Queen of Soul) received a doctorate of arts!

And President Faust of Harvard was her usual cool self.

Congratulations, class of 2014!


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