Jun 30, 2014

Running Into Your Boyfriend's Ex When You're Out Together

We've all been there - that awkward moment when you're out with your boyfriend having a great time on a Saturday night and then...you awkwardly bump into his ex-girlfriend at the same party you're at.

In the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal. We're all twenty-something college-educated young adults with good heads on our shoulders and bigger concerns than awkwardly bumping into our boyfriends' exes.

Still, it can be a socially awkward situation on a Saturday night and since there's nothing we like better than laughing at others' misfortunes (thanks, Hobbes's Superiority Theory of Humor), I would like to share my awkward with all of you in the spirit of encouraging laughter!

You're welcome.

When you think you recognize the girl from his old facebook pictures across the dance floor:

When you end up in the tiny, packed bathroom at the club at the same time that she's there and realize that it is her when you hear her name:

When you try not to be noticed:

When she clearly knows you're there and her ex (your boyfriend is there), and she's not happy about it:

When her drunk friend gets awkwardly confrontational for no reason, she's like:

And you're like:

When you leave for a new, less-awkward party:

...and then you bump into her again:

Do you have any funnily awkward stories to share?

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