Jun 25, 2014

What Living in NYC is Like, According to Disney's Frozen

I'm a New Yorker now, guys!

So maybe the cost of living in the city doesn't make me quite as euphoric as Olaf on a summer day...

...though there's an interesting parallel between Olaf's delusional love of warmth, despite how bad it is for him, and my love of NYC, despite how bad it is for my finances.

Overall, however, NYC is a wonderful city for young professionals. We're energetic and can deal with some hard work, sleepless nights, and budget-necessitated instant ramen-centric diets.

There are a lot of things that are unique to life in NYC, but here's a quick list (courtesy of some adorable Frozen GIFs) that touch on what living in NYC is really like.

When you first get a permanent address in Manhattan and are like YHEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

I've been wanting this (and saying it would happen, even though my parents laughed at me for imagining I could predetermine my future so early on) since elementary school. I feel like NYC is the one place where that's really not uncommon - people dream of moving here all of their (too-young-to-move-yet) lives.

When you realize you're going to be mildly claustrophobic for a while, but umpteen-million roommates is worth living in downtown.


When you first try to navigate the subway to get to work.

When you discover the map function on your smartphone and EVERYTHING IS AWESOME.

Elsa Trying Apple Maps

When you get your bills for the first time and realize your paycheck disappeared.

When a rando tries to sketch on you in the line at your corner bodega.

Disney Frozen review

When you try to make friends without the aid of school/classes/extracurriculars. 

The day after you go to your first all night dance club.

Gif from Frozen of Anna dozing off sitting up in bed with her hair a mess
When you finally meet some friends who are just as lost (and hilarious) as you.

And that's it for now. I've only lived here for a little over three weeks, so....stay posted. 


Who knows what will happen next? It's NYC, anything could happen.

What is your favorite Disney movie?

Do you want any of the same things now as you did when you were a kid?

Who is your favorite Frozen character?

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