Jul 24, 2014

National Milk Chocolate Day Giveaway

Hand up if you love chocolate! Did all of you raise your hands? I certainly hope so, because not loving chocolate must certainly be some sort of extreme abnormality...

Kidding, you're still cool if you don't love chocolate.

But for all of those who do love chocolate, how do you feel about healthy chocolate? Chocolate that you can feel extra good about eating, chocolate that will power you through your day, your workout, your extreme-cleaning-before-someone-comes-over frenzy? 

That's what I thought.

In honor of National Milk Chocolate Day on July 24th - because that's definitely a day that needs to exist - and because you're all awesome, and because I haven't don't a giveaway in a while, here's a chocolicious giveaway!

One USA-based reader will win not one, but two (!), boxes of delicious Balance Bar chocolate protein bars, one in Chocolate Crave and one in Double Chocolate Brownie flavor!

The bars boast Balance Bar's usual balanced nutrition, with an optimal ratio of protein to carbs to fats for sustained energy and satiety.

That, and they're delicious!

You have two weeks to enter to win and can come back and enter/share daily, to increase your odds of winning. You know, if you really want some free chocolate! Good luck, everyone!  

Two Boxes of Balance Bars (1 Chocolate Crave & 1 Double Chocolate Brownie)

Yum, yum, chocolate protein bars :)


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