Aug 25, 2014

Back to School Basics

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Fall is approaching! This year is really flying by, much like last year. Does anyone else have that feeling, or is it just because so much is changing in my life?

I graduated from Harvard! I moved to NYC! I'm a working adult now!

Anyway, the year flew by and the approach of fall means that it's back to school season.

Okay, so not for me. But I love back to school!

Back to school is awesome. What's one major reason why?

Back to school shopping.

Guys, I had SO much fun with school supplies. There's pink glitter stationery, awesome pens, cool tech, and everything for the dorm room.

If you're just starting college and don't know what the must-haves are, here's a short list of the absolute essentials:

1) A Full-Length Mirror

I didn't have one for a month last year (senior year). WHAT. Obviously that's a necessity for a fashion-forward college student!

2) A Brita® Pitcher

Brita® Pitchers are available at Target and they're not too pricey, but super convenient. You can fill them up in your bathroom and refill whenever you need more water! It's great, because it's way more eco-friendly than bottled water - not to mention way cheaper in the course of a semester.

Water is important for everyone, including college students, because staying hydrated keeps your brain working optimally, your body functioning properly, your energy levels up, and your skin looking great.

Hey! That's important! There are so many functions in college.

3) A fan.

Most dorms, unless you're living somewhere super posh, don't have A/C. Trust me, there will be nights when you will melt if you don't have a good fan.

My freshman year fall was particularly bad, several of my friends and I camped out in the Science Center some nights for the A/C!

4) A snack stash.

All-nighters require fuel and dining halls often lock up at night, even the cereal and milk sections. Since you'er not home with a 24/7 kitchen, be sure to keep some snacks for when you really need that extra energy.

Great snacks to have in your stash include: granola bars, protein bars, cereals you can eat out of the box, trail mix, dried fruit, chocolate (for that time of the month), and whatever other shelf-stable snacks you love!

5) More underwear than you think you'll need.

Sometimes laundry just doesn't happen - welcome to reading period and final's week. So that you don't find yourself in the awkward position of wearing swimsuits to class.
Besides, awesome excuse to go wild at Victoria's Secret.

Shopping spree!

What are your back to school essentials for college?

Do you like back to school or the end of the school year better?

Are you still in school? If not, are you considering going back to school for another degree at some point?

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